Friday, March 18, 2011

Oilers head scout on Rockets draft eligible players

Edmonton Oilers head scout Stu MacGregor on Rockets forward Shane McColgan:

"Shane has done well. Maybe people's expectations were higher than they should have been. He is a very competitive player. He has good hockey sense and every shift he shows you something and he has a bit of a meanness to him to which I think is good. He obviously has to have that element at his size."

Why has McColgan slipped in the NHL Central Scouting rankings?

"He's 5 foot 8 and a quarter which might put him back a bit. He had a little bit of a lull there probably through November and through Christmas and he's worked through that. I think he's bought into the team here and what they want to do as a group."

How about Zach Franko?

"I think Franko's a skilled guy. He will probably get drafted at some point in the draft. He has good hockey sense. I don't think you have to worry about him....he'll be picked."

Anyone else?

"Jessey Astles is a player who has a lot of competitive nature. A player that probably has a good opportunity to be drafted just because the way he plays every shift."

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