Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Is he the best player interview in the WHL?

Is he the best player interview in the WHL? He has to be top five for sure. Here is the conversation I had with Everett Silvertips captain Landon Ferraro before Sunday's game.

Tri City Americans forward Brendan Shinnimin was suspended 12 games for a checking from behind incident against Saskatoon last Wednesday. I will share my thoughts on the length of that suspension later.

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Jared Comeau said...

In regard to the Shinniman hit Regan. This hit, in my opinion is actually worse than the Liambis hit in the OHL last year for the simple fact that Liambis didn't intentionally run the kids head into the glass. It is clear as day that Shinniman intended for his opponnent to go into the boards the way he did, Yet Shinniman gets away with 12 games. Whoever makes these decisions needs to go in a big big big way. If this suspension stands it just tosses out any credability the CHL got when they made the suspension to Liambis. The WHL needs a new regime...one who makes every player/official/front office staff accountable for their mistakes.