Friday, October 29, 2010

Saying sorry/Brett Bulmer needs to fly around and I want the Roloff's

  • If you missed my Twitter earlier today, I want to apologise to the WHL schedule maker, whoever he or she may be. I have jokingly bad mouthed them over the years for what is often a ridiculous schedule. But I take it all back after seeing that the Rockets are playing two games, on back-to-back nights, this weekend in Portland. Now is it too much to ask if the Rockets can play four straight road games in Prince George? Didn't think so.
  • It was suggested on a comment left on this blog this week that Tyson Barrie and Brett Bulmer are playing selfish hockey. I don't agree. I think both are trying to do too much in an effort to help their team, so it appears to look that way. When you are gifted offensively, these type of players often shoot rather than pass. Top goal scorers all have that similar trait. Jesse Schultz, Justin Keller, Jamie Benn and Chuck Kobasew were all that way. I'm not saying they never distributed the puck, but they were more apt to shoot than pass. The reason few people suggested they were selfish was because they usually scored.
  • In the case of Brett Bulmer, I would like to see him hit people like he did last season. Do you remember the Brett Bulmer of one year ago that went flying around hitting everything in sight despite his slim frame? He was affective and fun to watch. That's what I hope to see from him tonight against the Hawks. Get involved physically and the offense will come.
  • If you had your head in the sand, you didn't catch that the New York Islanders have returned Nino Niederreiter back to the Hawks. Niederreiter was the Islanders 1st pick in the opening round in this summers draft and played in nine NHL games. How odd will it be for the 18 year-old when he takes to the ice tonight at Memorial Coliseum? Two nights ago he was playing in front of 21 thousand fans in Montreal. Tonight is he welcomed by five thousand of the Hawks faithful?
  • I, for one, am glad Niederreiter is back with the Hawks. Why? Any time the Western Hockey League can have a marquee player of his ability, it's never a bad thing. That, and I will never be a fan of the NHL taking 18 year old junior players and pushing them into the pro's prematurely.
  • The Rockets can only hope that the return of Neiderreiter has some of the Hawks players either trying to be too perfect or simply stepping aside to let 'Nino' do all the work. Do I think that will happen? No. Do I hope it will? Of course.
  • Wish for a low score tonight. A high score spells trouble for the Rockets. Exchanging chances with the Hawks is playing with fire. Just ask the Kamloops Blazers, who lost 8-6 to Portland earlier this month.
  • In looking at the Hawks roster in the new WHL guide, I was shocked to learn that Max Gordichuk and Matt Betcker are still on the team. Obviously it was in error, but it struck me odd that the Hawks had two over-over-overages, considering Gordichuck was born in 1986 and Betker was born in 1989.
  • I've known this for years, but it doesn't impact you until you purchase something in Oregon. No sales tax. I bought some D-3's, as I attempt to fight off a cold. What was the price tag on the item? $9.99. What price did I pay? 9.99. It's just another reason why I love Oregon.
  • Over the last couple of years I've really been impressed on how the Hawks organization puts on a terrific off-ice show for its fans. The caffeinated hopped up host in the stands and the cheerleaders are a great touch. But do you know what would really impress me? How about Amy and Matt Roloff singing the national anthems? I will admit the Bartel family watches 'Little People - Big World' religiously. I hear the Roloff farm is about a half hour outside of Portland.


MG said...

Regan I made that comment about Bulmer and Barrie and I you might be right. Maybe it is that they are trying to score and get the team going. However I don't put Barrie or Bulmer in the same "goal scorer" catagory as Benn, Keller or Kobasew so maybe they need to try something else ?

Now with Nino back in Portland that team is going to unreal to watch. In fact the entire league, especailly the other top teams must be going..."oh no" because I will predict now that Portland goes a very long way this year. Even without him they looked awesome.

It is good though sending 18 year olds back. Even Schenn shouldn't have played that first year in Toronto and he was 19 was he not. Maybe Hall is an exception.

Oregon really is awesome. We love it there. The price you see isthe price you pay and it is always way less than up here :)

Jared Comeau said...

LOL Regan, your Sarcasim is priceless.

Ryan said...

Regan, I made the comments about Bulmer and McColgan. I corrected my original post, mentioning Barrie by mistake. In no way does he play selfish.

But you can not honestly be looking at the games objectively if you dont see Bulmer as selfish. We get you are not in a position to be even remotely negative and thats fine, totally understandable. But to then come out and pint out that a guy like Brett isnt playing for himself, is kind of strange and homerish. I bet if you asked a random sampling of 20 fans they would all agree about Bulmer. Dipsy doodling through guys is pretty to watch, but not when your teammates are waiting for a pass is a scoring position or in a better position to get the puck out.

You do realize fans can be critical and by saying Shane and Brett are selfish at times, doesnt mean we think they suck and bring nothing to the team? Sometimes I think you and the name that wont be mentioned, fail to see that. Maybe too defensive for guys you see on a daily basis and become friendly with and that blinds you.

Regan Bartel said...

Ryan, I don't mind you sharing your opinion. If I did, I wouldn't post your comments. Do I see Bulmer struggling...ya. I don't see it because he isn't distributing the puck to his teammates though. He just isn't working hard enough. The same can be said for others as well.

Jared Comeau said...

Hey Regan...It was nice to see a Rocket making WHL Plays of the Week for the 2nd week in a row!

Regan Bartel said...

Agreed. I thought Brown's save against Everett in the shootout should have also been considered. I think Landon Ferraro would agree.

Jared Comeau said...

You know, about that 'save' I am pretty sure Ferraro hit the side of the net, and not Brown's pad...At least the angle I had thats what it looked like.