Friday, February 12, 2010

Old time hockey=Rockets victory

Rockets 5 Blazers 3


steve said...


I just got home from the game in Kamloops. First off credit to the Rockets however the ref in the game was brutal, and that is not Blazer bias, he lost control countless times which slowed the game right down to a crawl at points. Again credit to the Rockets, we'll steal one tomorrow. Also I believe Callahan will be suspended as yes he may have came on legally but he didn't make any effort to get in the play and made a line straight for Funk. Funk's now out with what was described as a "ankle injury"

PS. Kamloops has a bus of about 20 fans coming down see ya tomorrow:)

Regan Bartel said...

Agreed, Thiessen had me confused too. I thought penalties were been called when he was hand gesturing and then nothing was handed out. As for Funk, I thought he was great until he was taken out of the game. I will have to look at the video on Callahan, but I heard the same thing after games end. I appreciate your comments.