Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm disappointed, is Jung?

I understand that Oil Kings goaltender Torrie Jung will not be starting tonight against his old team. It is Jung's final appearance at Prospera Place, as his junior career comes to a close at the end of this season.
I may be making more out of this than it deserves, but I thought it would only be fitting to see Jung play one more time in a building and against a team that he played with for two seasons. You see it many times where coaches reward players by putting them in the starting lineup if they are playing a game in their hometown. For Jung, this is in essence a home game.
This isn't the first time Jung hasn't played against his old team at Prospera Place. The 21 year-old was also on the bench as the backup when the Oil Kings visited in December.
I hope for Jung's sake I am wrong, and he in fact does start tonight.
If he doesn't, and sickness nor injury are a factor, having the overage goaltender on the bench just doesn't compute.
It's a coaches decision that both Jung and Rockets fans wanting to see him play will have to deal with.
I will admit I'm disappointed by the decision. I can only imagine how Jung took the news.

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