Monday, November 16, 2009

Wudrick speaks on trade

I spoke to Geordie Wudrick from his hotel room in Regina tonight. Wudrick will fly out to Kelowna for practice on Tuesday.

RB: How did you learn about the trade?

GW:"There were some rumours going around I guess this morning and last night. I just went to practice and went along like I do every day and I got a call into Mark Lamb's office and he pretty much told me straight out then that I got traded to Kelowna".

RB: Clarify for me Geordie, did you ask for a trade?

GW: "This year I hadn't done that. This year was something that worked out for both organizations."

RB: Talk about you time with the Broncos organization:

GW: "Obviously it's a smaller town and everyone knows who you are. For me being a high draft pick, there were lots of expectations. Fans can get on your case. Everyone is passionate. I know the fans in Kelowna are passionate about their team".

RB: I heard some negative talk from fans in Swift Current that you failed to live up to the high billing. How did that affect you?

GW: "It affects you a little bit. It's more disappointing. I played parts of five different seasons there since I was 15. It tried my best and gave it a 100 percent effort there, so whether they want to appreciate you is kind of out of your control. They pay to watch you play so they have their own right on what they want to say."

RB: Being the 2nd overall pick in the 2005 WHL bantam draft. What type of pressure did you feel because you were drafted so high?

GW:"There is always going to be pressure regardless of where you are getting drafted. The higher you go the more expectations there are . I think it's deserving too. They (team) draft you for a reason. They believe in your potential and you just have to try to not let it affect you. I think I've handled it pretty well for the most part".

RB: Can you improve on your 35 goal season?

GW: "I think after that season your goal is to go in and improve on that. I think consistency is the biggest thing. Last year I had a bit of a slow start but I still finished off with 35, so hopefully I can get things going and hopefully try to add on to that".

RB: So if you need to improve something in your 19 year-old season, what is it?

GW: "I think definitely consistency is something that everyone wants to work on. I think everyone can put together flashes of greatness and flashes of dominance but to bring that night in and night out is definitely something that I want to going into Kelowna here".

RB: Playing in Swift Current in December. Will you be excited about returning there?

GW:"I got that circled already. It's kind of crazy how fast it's going to come. I'm really looking forward to that and helping our team win on the Eastern trip".


eecliff said...

Regan, do you think Geordie Wudrick would request to wear #18 (McColgan's Jersey) or do you think he would cut his number in 1/2 and take #9 ?
Or take a differant number all together ... What's ur thoughts ?

Regan Bartel said...

I spoke to him about that oddly enough. He had looked at the roster and saw that #18 was taken. I don't think his number is an issue, and unlike the pro level, those with less time in the league don't usually give up their number. I think he'd take Novotny's old #9. That's my guess.