Wednesday, November 18, 2009

This negative talk is getting on my nerves

Ok, I've read some negative things over the last couple of days about Geordie Wudrick, most of which is coming from hockey fans in Swift Current.
Like any player who is traded, they come with baggage and Wudrick is no exception. But is all the negative talk about this player really valid?
I found it interesting that Wudrick scored his 35 goals last season as an 18 year-old.
Take a guess how many other 18 year-old players scored 35 or more goals last season in the WHL outside of Wudrick.
The answer?
Evander Kane, Brandon Kozun and Jordan Eberle.
That's it.
Statistically speaking Wudrick scored the fourth most goals of any 18 year-old in the the WHL last season. Red Deer's Landon Ferraro scored over 35 goals at the tender age of 17.
I will reserve judgement on Wudrick until I see him play night in and night out, but for Bronco fans to trash this player just doesn't add up.
Sorry I don't buy it.
I heard the same talk when Brady Leavold came here and he was gold for this team. Leavold got his act together once he came to Kelowna and proved he was a good player. He too needed a change, and benefited greatly from it. I expect Wudrick to do the same.
Has Wudrick struggling this season? Does he have work ethic deficiencies in his game? Sure he does. He was not playing good hockey this season and was playing well below his ability. He needed a change, and now he's gotten one. But is Wudrick a pretty good player that deserves some credit for his accomplishments?
Oh, ya!
You don't score 35 times as an 18 year-old without having some ability. Funny think is I have yet to hear or read a Bronco fan make that same claim.
Why do I come to his defense?
Yes, he now plays for the Rockets, so that's a starter. The second reason is I hate to see junior players being bashed, specifically if statistics prove otherwise.
I won't defend Wudrick on this blog again...I've done my talking. Call it my rant. This blog is called Regan's Rant.
My wish is for Geordie Wudrick to do his talking in one area only, on the ice.


Glen Erickson said...

Regan...greetings from San Diego. Will be back home in time for the 'Rider game on Sunday! I watched Geordie at the Top Prospects Game in Edmonton a couple of years ago and he was very offensively talented guy. The kid at least deserves a look from patient hockey fans. Heck, he might be in Kelowna for a couple of seasons! We're certainly not as soft up front as we were a couple days ago...
Glen E.

fan said...

Regan anymore down with the flu & which ones will be returning. thanks

Regan Bartel said...
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Regan Bartel said...

Lucas Bloodoff and Tyson Barrie are doubtful. I will know more when it get to the rink. Neither practiced yesterday.

t.s.c said...

Regan: I can't help but to comment that there were a lot of negative posts on here calling Novotny a floater, yet you didn't come to his defense. The coaches never commented after the trade to thank Stepan for his contributions (being their leading scorer), like Lamb did with Geordie.
Let's hope this is a win/win for both kids.

adfadf said...

Can't help it but agree with t.s.c. about Novotny. Also, Regan when you inquired whether Geordie asked for the trade, his answer was "this year I hadn't done that." To me this implies that he asked for trade in the past. If Brocos' fans knew this, it is hardly surprising that he was not the most popular player regardless of his accomplishments. Hopefully the trade works out for both though...