Friday, November 27, 2009

Super Series Success

  • A three goal second period was the key in Team WHL's 4-2 win Thursday night over the Russian Selects. Brandon McMillan (Rockets), Linden Vey (Tigers), Stefan Elliott (Blades) and Willie Coetzee (Rebels) scored goals for Team WHL while Martin Jones (Hitmen) had an easy night in goal.
  • Brandon McMillan was named the WHL player of the game for his power play goal in the second period. The obvious choice for the Russian Selects was goaltender Igor Bobkov, who was the best player on the ice for both teams. The Anaheim Duck draft pick faced 35 saves, many of the spectacular variety.
  • Before the puck even dropped the building was full of emotion when former Kelowna fire chief Gerry Zimmerman was introduced during the pre-game ceremony. Zimmerman was given a standing ovation for his efforts during the 2003 Okanagan Mountain Park Fire that destroyed over 200 Kelowna homes. Zimmerman has been battling health problems of late which almost claimed his life. The appreciation from the crowd brought tears to Zimmerman's eyes and left a lump in the throat of this radio broadcaster.
  • Who did themselves a favour with a solid performance Thursday night? Willie Coetzee (Red Deer) and Brandon Kozun (Calgary) impressed me while Linden Vey (Medicine Hat) didn't hurt his cause. I also liked Stefan Elliott (Saskatoon). Brayden McNabb (Kooteney) and Michael Stone (Calgary) didn't necessarily hurt their cause but didn't exactly bring that physical element that I expected to the table.
  • The Saskatoon Blades will be sour and Rockets general manager Bruce Hamilton will not be pleased after forward Curtis Hamilton left the game with a shoulder injury. Hamilton was sent to hospital after leaving the contest in the first period.
  • Having a post game interview with Brandon McMillan. The interview will air this weekend on the WHL This Week with Jon Keen.
    The Russian's had a small cheering section during Thursday's game.
    Brandon McMillan gets TV time after being named the player of the game. This was a set up! Craig West you will pay. This is the view Gord and I had to the right of our broadcast booth thanks to the Sportsnet camera. Is that a camera or a rocket launcher?
    Ok, name bars are crucial when you are broadcasting a game where you are unfamiliar with the other team. The Russian Selects like to make life difficult by tucking their jersey's into their pants like these two. The name bar is located on the lower part of the jersey under the number. Oh, you can't see them either?
    Team WHL takes a team photo prior to puck drop.
    Brandon McMillan is front and centre on the photo as Team WHL captain.

    A few audio clips from Thursday's game.


    Gord McGarva said...

    Gerry Zimmerman, a privilege and an honour to interview him.

    Great to see Gerry on his feet along 5,753 spectators. Tears in my eyes and a smile on my face.

    Definitely an Honour to have Fire Chief Zimmerman as the "Honourary Captain". Well done WHL and Rockets !

    jaz301 said...

    Tough break for you with the Camera in the way and not being able to see the Russian player names, but I am sure you figured away around it.

    Now for the game part I thought the game was entertaining, especially the 1st period. It was a fast passing period.

    Though it was a good game and the WHL won, I found it disappointing to see that there were still about 700 empty seats left.

    Mike Kieluk said...

    Ok so the game was good but it is very unfortunate that Curtis Hamilton had to get injured. Yes injuries are part of sports and hockey but getting injured in what I kind of think is a mean nothing super series.....

    The Blades are playing well and they will just have to carry on without Curtis Hamilton. Also unfortunate about the camera being in the way.