Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rockets pick up 20 year-old

The Rockets acquire 20 year-old forward Tyler Halliday from Prince George. These are the details I am getting from Allan Bristowe of CKPG in Prince George.
From what I am told, Halliday is a great team guy. He likes to get involved physically and is no stranger to fighting. He had 21 fighting majors last season. Halliday was 6th in the WHL in penalty minutes with 161 pims last season, 32 fewer than former Rocket Ryley Grantham. Halliday had 15 goals as a 19 year-old last season. Originally a member of the Red Deer Rebels, Halliday joined the Cougars in 2008-09. Halliday was released by the Cougars last week so essentially is picked up by the Rockets for nothing. Halliday, a Kamloops resident, joins Lucas Bloodoff and goaltender Mark Guggenberger as the Rockets three overage players.
I am flying out to Prince George Friday morning so I will have Halliday on our pre-game show tomorrow night.

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Karmela said...

In case you wanted to get to know the new guy a bit better. This weekend should be interesting.