Monday, March 23, 2009

Rockets Facts Going Into Game 3

  • Ryley Grantham's two goal effort was an impressive feat in game two, but has a Rockets player ever scored three times in a playoff game? Brett McLean is the only one to register a hat-trick, collecting 3 goals and an assist in a 6-3 win over Spokane in game five of an opening round playoff series March 29/98.
  • Even in a 10-0 win over the Vancouver Giants in game one of the 2003 playoffs, no one managed a three goal game. Tyler Mosienko came close, with 2+3=5 and was a +5.
  • If you are wondering, Tyler Mosienko has the Rockets franchise record for playoffs games played with 81. Mosienko is followed closely by Brett Palin (75) and Mike Card, Blake Comeau and Tyler Spurgeon (72).
  • Who is the Rockets playoff goals leader? Cam Paddock. Paddock had 22 goals in 61 playoff games. Paddock's 22 goals were two better than Mosienko's 20.
  • Mosienko is the franchise leader in playoff points with 57. Mosienko had 22+35=57. Surprisingly Josh Gorges is next on that list with 45 points followed by Paddock, Comeau and Justin Keller, who all had 40 playoff points.
  • When was the last time the Rockets were up 2-0 in an opening round playoff series and had to play games three and four on opposition ice? It was March 23/04 against the Kootenay Ice. The Rockets won game three 4-0 before wrapping up the series in game four with a 3-1 win. That season the Rockets won the Memorial Cup. Good teams realize that when an opponent is down, you should leave them no room, as they try to drag themselves off the floor in an attempt at a comeback bid.
  • Jamie Benn has a goal and 4 assists in his first two playoff games. Benn is tied for the league lead in playoff scoring with Tri City's Kruise Reddick and Giants forward Casey Pierro-Zabotel.
  • Mark Guggenberger is second in the WHL in playoffs goals against average at 1.50. Only Calgary's Martin Jones is better at 0.50.


fan said...

Regan l read on Drinnan's blog tha t Backlund skated for the 1st time on sat. do you think he'll be good to go on tues.

Regan Bartel said...

You should have read it here! lol. Rockets GM Bruce Hamilton told me Backlund will be ready for game 3 or 4.

MG said...

Just some speculation: Torry Jung made 54 saves last night against Calgary only to loose 2-1 in OT. Yes our goal tending issues have been addressed but if we had had Jung all season.....

David said...

Hey Regan, I think someone who deserves some kudos is Brandon McMillan. He didn't receive a team award but McMillan's 'team first' approach to his new position and elevated play has been nothing short of fantastic. I can't understand why he didn't make the 3 stars selection Saturday with a +3 outing and his strong offensive play. His move to defense has been a huge asset for the team. Its a team game and he's a team player!

Regan Bartel said...

Agreed. He's been a gem back there. What I like most is his willingness to move back there and play well. He could be forced back there and pout, yet McMillan has excelled and at times is one of the best defenseman out there. I will admit I was scared when the experiment first took place, but I have as much confidence in him as any of the others.