Monday, March 30, 2009

Novotny Needed More Than Ever

  • Secondary scoring is pivotal in any playoff series, but especially when it comes to the second round when the top line will find themselves going head-to-head with the other teams top defensive pairing. Rockets rookie forward Stepan Novotny would fall into that category. Novotny had three goals in four games against the Blazers in round one and will have to provide the team with that scoring threat in round two.
  • Am I expected a little too much from a European forward in the playoffs? I don't think so. Look at Lauris Darzins' contribution in the 2006 playoffs when he scored five times in an opening round playoff series against the Kootenay Ice.
  • How much class does Bob Tory have? The general manager of the Tri City Americans left a message on my cell phone today informing me that the Toyota Center - the home of the Americans - underwent some changes in the broadcast location over the last few weeks and that I should make sure I test my equipment well in advance of game one for any glitches. Small gesture right? Sure it is, but what does it say about Tory and the organization he runs? He could have taken the road of "screw the Rockets radio guy, if he can't make contact with his radio station when he arrives it's his problem". Tory is as competitive as they come, but in my books he's not only a solid hockey man but a class act. That small gesture is just another example.
  • While we are sending out bouquets , I am looking forward to speaking with Americans head coach Don Nachbaur in this series. My objective is not to goat him into saying something nasty about the Rockets that can be used as bulletin board material to fuel the fire. Never has been, never will be my approach. I want to walk away from the interview having learned something new and get his take on the game and the series. I hope the listeners back in Kelowna also get a better grasp of the game through another set of eyes while learning to appreciate the virtues of the other team. We are competing to move on to the next round, but that shouldn't take away from seeing the other team in a positive light, win or lose.
  • It will be interesting to see the ice conditions at the the Toyota Center at this time of the year. In the past it hasn't been great as the weather warms up outside. That said, the Rockets haven't played a game in that arena this late in the season since 2004, so lets hope the quality of the ice surface is a non-issue. Both teams can skate. Let's hope the ice is fast.
  • Speaking of non-issues, lets hope the officiating is a non-issue in this series. Not every call is going to be pleasing in the eye of the two teams, but let the two teams settled the score. I don't see the Americans as a team wanting to take liberties on the opposition. They are much too skilled for that. The same holds true for the Rockets, who want to beat you on the scoreboard, not by the number of players you have in the penalty box. I think the officials calling this series should always remember 'less means more'.
  • A trip to the Toyota Center deserves a stop for some arena Mexican food they serve in that building. It's delicious. Don't spoil it by telling me what really is inside of it though. Just let me enjoy it please!


spokant said...

The ice will not be fast. I've had slurpees that set up firmer than the ice here. Lake Toyota tends to thaw badly in the SE corner when its 60 degrees outside. I know you radio guys love 27 minute intermissions, waiting for the ice to setup.

Looking forward to this series, it should be fantastic. Both teams are very similar.

Great Blog, keep up the good work.

Kevin said...

hey regan, heard Shane McColgan going to be flying into kelowna on sunday, where we he fit in

benn - long - McColgan

Regan Bartel said...

McColgan is not coming to K-Town until his season is over. So no McColgan this weekend...sorry!!

Kevin said...

Shane said hes at Nationals from april 1 - 5 then hes flying into kelowna

Regan Bartel said...