Saturday, March 14, 2009

Food Poisioning Postpones Games

You'll have to wait until Monday night, or possibly Tuesday to find out who the Rockets will face in the opening round of the playoffs.
The game between the Rockets and the Spokane Chiefs on Sunday has been postponed after 11 members of the Chiefs were diagnosed with food poisoning. The Chiefs game tonight against the Tri City Americans has been postponed until Tuesday while the Rockets game in Spokane will be played Monday night. I want to wish all the players involved a speedy recovery. Food poisoning is no fun.

Update at 1:30 pm. Apparently the Chiefs participated in a group function meal late in the week, and the sickness has nothing to do with a pre-game or post-game meal prior to or after a win Friday night over Tri City. It's been suggested that the combination of the food poisoning and the wicked road schedule, which essentially wreaks havoc on the immune system, may be to blame.


Paul said...

Got news for you Regan. Food poisoning doesn't take 2 or 3 days to take effect. Within 2 hours of eating contaminted food the poor recipient will be feeling the effects (been there done that). This incident absolutely DID have to do with something they ate Friday night or Saturday morning.

Regan Bartel said...

I was told it was from food the players ate prior to the weekend. I am going with what I have been told. I do agree that symptoms usually show up quickly, so its hard to think a Thursday meal would show up so late. I will continue to look into it.

Jared Comeau said...

Paul...not ALL Food Poisoning symptoms are immediate onset...Depending on the agent and the amount of the contaminated food that was consumed, it could take 24 to 60 Hours...for example

Salmonella, Enterotoxigenic E coli, Enteroinvasive E coli, Vibrio cholerae, and Botulism all have incubation times of 2-4 days...

Listeriosis has an incubation time of weeks.

The fact that they could have been infected prior to Friday or Today is VERY real and a lot more likely than something they ate yesterday because the short incubation timed infections are a lot more rare than those that take time to show symptoms.

Regan Bartel said...

I have an interview with Jay Stewart, the Chiefs public relations guy on the pre-game show at 6:30.