Monday, March 23, 2009

He Ain't Whistling Dixie

How is the playoff series being called after the first two games of the Kelowna Rockets/Kamloops Blazers best of seven?

Penalties by Period:

Period 1
Rockets: 5 infractions
Blazers: 5 infractions

Period 2
Rockets: 4 infractions
Blazers: 8 infractions

Period 3
Rockets: 8 infractions
Blazers: 13 infractions

Total Combined Penalties:
First period: 10 penalties
Second Period: 12 penalties
Third Period: 21 penalties
Total: 43 penalties

Infractions in Series:
Roughing: 14 *7 by Rockets
Boarding: 6 * all six by Kamloops
Interference: 4 * two each
Unsportsmanlike: 3 *two of the three to Kamloops
Cross Checking: 2 *one each
Hooking: 2 *one each
CFB: 2 * both by Kamloops
Slash: 2 *one each
Trip: 2 * one each
Misconducts: 2 *one each
Fighting: 2 * one fight between teams
Delay of Game:1 * Kamloops
Knee: 1 * Kamloops
Note: double minors are being calculated as one penalty call despite the player serving four minutes.


Coreyg said...

Interesting stats!

Jared Comeau said...

From what I heard Kirk and his counterpart got a strip torn out of them after game 1...that coming from an off-ice official

Rocketwatcher said...

Good. Throwing guys out to make your life easier instead of actually making the right call is garbage. Two games now the ref's have done that late in the game..spare me....Man up and ref or quit....

hocus_lopez said...

I agree there's an issue with the officiating, and the style of play 'Loops is being allowed to play.

Long had 6 pims (that's right, SIX) in game one. He is one of the least penalizied players in the league. I believe he avg. less than .35 during the regular season. What's up with that?!?

Moreover, all of 'Loops "extra curricular" hits from behind/boarding/kneeing are taking a toll. It appears to me the 'Loops game plan is that if you can't score with the Rockets, injure them. I'll be interested to see if the League talks with the 'Loops bench boss before the game regarding the cavalier/aggressive hits that appear intent on causing harm.

Finally, if the game is going to be chippy, and the Refs are once again overly involved, it's up to Grantham to step up and protect his teamates. He's there to fight, and provide protection, not score. Sure the 2 goals were a great bonus, but it's nothing that can be expected on a nightly basis. IMO, he needs to protect the scorers and knock the cr@p out of anyone who takes liberties with Blacklund/Long/etc.

grinder said...

I agree that we need our "tough guy" to step up and protect his teammates. It seems as if he's been trying to do everything but that.