Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Speaking Candidly with Marc Habscheid

It was a pleasure to chat with Marc Habscheid on Wednesday. I spent four extremely successful seasons with Habby in the Rockets glory years from 2000 to a Memorial Cup win in 2004. The former Kelowna Rockets head coach is spending this winter in Southwest Saskatchewan, oddly enough out of the coaching racket. But as you will hear in this interview, Habscheid is enjoying the time away from the rink, but shares his thoughts on returning to major junior, and explains to me how close he was to taking a job with the Kelowna Rockets and Portland Winter Hawks this summer.
I will have part two of my interview with Marc Habscheid Friday on this blog. These two interviews will also be featured on our Rockets broadcasts Thursday and Saturday night.


Jared Comeau said...

VERY Awesome Interview Regan! Look forward to Number 2! So whats the consesus (SP) on the few things I've posted on my blog?

Regan Bartel said...

Looks good Jared. Nice work.

Leona Suderman said...

hi from the Sudermans in Manitoba. just trying to track down a mailing address for Marc Habscheid, who coached Joe in Kelowna for almost 4 yrs. Joe is getting married & would love to invite him to his wedding. Marc was hugely influential in his life then & now. Would you have a way of us sending this to him? your help is greatly appreciated and we remember your radio/inet voice/comments fondly connecting us to Joe's games which we followed faithfully, you did a great job. Thanks for now. Dennis & Leona Suderman