Thursday, February 7, 2008

One Year of Blogging Under My Belt!

  • This very blog is officially one year-old today. I made my first entry on February 7, 2007 and to say it's been a harsh learning curve would be an understatement. Why did I start a blog in the first place? I saw other NHL broadcasters doing it and followed the lead of Jon Keen and Ryan Switzer in Swift Current. I said to myself, "If those WHL broadcasters can do it, why can't I." When I reflect on my year as a blogger, I have learned many things along the way. Let me share some of them with you.

  • Blogging is a lot of work. The time commitment is tremendous. I have a lot of thoughts in my head, but gathering them together to make a coherient sentence isn't easy, at least for me. Yet I made the pledge before I started this blog that it would be a regular part of my day. Updating the blog once a week just wasn't an option.

  • Writing is not easy work. I have always appreciate what my sports writing brethren are able to do, so I knew the challenge ahead would be a tough one. I guess my struggles are the result of never listened to my teachers when I took high school English, and many who read this blog regularly may wonder if I indeed graduated from high school. I will admit I am lost without spell check and my sentence structure stinks. I can't hold a candle to Gregg Drinnan, Jim Swanson or Doyle Pontenteau, nor do I try. I am a radio broadcaster first, attempting to put thoughts to paper. If you are looking for tips on creative writing, sentence structure and so on, leave this blog immediately. You've been warned. If an English teacher would like to use this blog as an example of what not to do, you have my blessing.

  • While this blog is not endorsed by the Kelowna Rockets hockey club, that does not give me free rein to share every deep dark secret about the team. While I deal primarily with the Rockets, and share my opinion on their play, I am sensitive to what I want to relay to the readers out in cyber space. I am aware that several WHL coaches and media occassionally read this blog, and the last thing I want to do is speak out of school on what the Rockets are doing. Have I stepped on the Rockets toes since this blog was born? I don't think so, at least not purposely. I told Rockets GM Bruce Hamilton about my desire to start one, and he had concerns. I was asked not to quote Rockets players,coaches and management on this blog and have kept my word.

  • What else have I learned in my year of blogging? Be careful when poking fun at others. I did that to a colleague last season, and my friendly poke was perceived as a jab. Saying something to someone sarcastically is one thing, but getting that message across in writing, and getting it misinterpreted as a slam is usually the end result. Now when I write something the reader interprets as a slam, it is!

  • I read other WHL blogs, and find everyone does an exceptional job. Think about Andy Kemper in Portland as an example. If their was a time to avoid a blog, this would have been the season for Andy. Kemper could have gotten himself into huge trouble if he expressed exactly what he saw and felt after a Hawks loss. To see that he has been able to walk the tight rope and not fall off is impressive. I applaud Gregg Drinnan in Kamloops for the work he puts into his blog. Not only does he post his stories from the Kamloops Daily News, but posts daily on happenings from around the league, plus a scoring summary at nights end.

  • We all have clutch words we use in our blogs. Andy Kemper doesn't have a clutch word exactly, but uses Rush lyrics to explain his point. Interesting, yet odd. I can't see many cracks in Gregg Drinnan's blog, but the word 'terrific' is one of his favorites. Les Lazurak uses 'Bridge City Bunch' when explaining the Saskatoon Blades every chance he gets. Jon Keen in Swift Current use the word 'sorry' a lot. I'm not sure why that is? And for the life of me I still don't know who's team David Michaud is on? All joking aside, I love reading these blogs regularly and appreciate the time these gentleman put into the blogs they've created. I called you all gentleman, did you get that?

  • I wish more broadcasters around the WHL had a blog, but I have a feeling many shy away at the potential trouble they see them creating. It takes balls for Kemper, Keen, Switzer, Michaud and Lazurak to express their opinions about the hockey team they follow. While most - if not all - are not paid by the team, the broadcasters work hand-in-hand to preach the virtues of the home team. The blog can be used in that manner, but can also be used in a negative way if caution isn't taken.

  • I'll admit I've gotten great satisfaction from people coming up to me and saying they appreciate this very blog. Parents of the players have told me they appreciate the daily updates and the pictures that I often post here. I hope over the last year this blog has brought you some enjoyment and better insight into the team I love to follow.


Jon Keen said...

Happy Anniversary.... and Happy Birthday.

btw, I think you probably offended some people in that post. Haha, Love it.

Rod Pedersen said...



David's Color Comments said...

I wish we got paid for these blogs! Next best for me would be getting paid for everytime you offend me on your blog.

Just remember, when you get the "no" feeling, don't write it. I'm not around to protect you as much now!

You know how I feel about you!

hocus_lopez said...

Congrats, Regan.

I've said it before, it's great to get the additional insight into the team/season/league/etc., and you do a tremendous job of offering your opinions.

I hope you take the day off as a congratualtory "pat on the back" for your successful first year.

Steve said...

Regan, having spent sometime trying to write I am amazed at the sheer amount of content you consistently put out. Your love for Junior hockey is clear and the rest of us that read it are the big winners.

Thanks again.

Go Hawks.


Jared Comeau said...

ive read the blog since you created back in 2007 and I love the information you've given and the insight around the league us fans might not see or hear about. Keep on writing regan!

Andy Kemper said...

Congrats Regan on the one year...

My blog isn't necessarily about walking the tightrope...its more about keeping the lions (hawks fans) at bay with a chair and a whip.

That will end the circus references...unless Gregg D. is talking about shoot-outs!

Switzer said...

I will never be any better then Swift Current's third favorite son (behind you and Brad Wall).

Happy Anniversary Regan. More posts about Asian grocery stores!