Sunday, December 4, 2011

One step forward and two steps back

(Photo by Marissa Baecker)
  • Just when you thought the Kelowna Rockets have righted the ship, it again took in water at an alarming rate after two losses against teams below them in the standings. After a 2-1 loss to Victoria Friday night, the Rockets were even worse in a 3-2 home ice loss 24 hours later. While the scoreboard told the story, so did the shot clock. The Rockets manufactured just 18 shots on net, including three in the first and four in the third period. It appears any momentum gained from a 6-2 win over Tri City earlier in the week was clearly lost with two less than inspiring efforts in front of the home town crowd.
  • A real telling sign of the Rockets indifferent play was the ability to give up two of three goals Saturday night to open up periods. The Cougars scored 51 seconds into the first period and then scored the game winner when Alex Forsberg found the back of the net 34 seconds into the third. Brett Bulmer and Carter Rigby scored goals as the Rockets dropped their 14th game of the season.
  • The Cougars played the game without 19 year-old forward Charles Inglis. Inglis was a healthy scratch and was a no-show at Prospera Place Saturday night. Reports suggest Inglis was leaving Kelowna with his hockey gear in hand earlier in the day. Stay tuned on Inglis' future with the team.
  • The Rockets played the game without forward Jessey Astles, who was serving game one of what is expected to be a multiple game suspension for a hit to the head of a Victoria defenceman Friday night. Astles received a five minute major and game misconduct on the play.
  • Rockets forward Zach Franko played in his 100th career WHL game.


jaz301 said...

The last two games have been pretty awful. They are passing to much instead of shooting or failing at trying to do the one man show. It also looks like they are not playing with any emotion out there. With the way they have played the last two games, I can't keep wondering how in the world they beat the top team in the West 6-2 (missed that game with the flu). Something needs to change and fast or this could be a long season.

g.k said...

It's already been a long season, or should I say a borrrrring!!! one so far!!

Regan Bartel said...

A boring season? Come on!
Are you bored when you have the ability to see two players (Sissons and Severson) play every night?
These two, according to the scouts I've spoken too, are projected to be first round picks! Ya, both of them.
Was Tyler Myers boring to you? Ya, sucked to be you watching him develop before your very eyes.
Oh, you have one player who spent 9 games in the NHL this season and could play for Canada at the World Juniors. You can see him play every night at Prospera Place.
Ya, boring stuff.
I have two words for that type of's called spoiled rotten

Ryan said...

what the hell does Tyler Myers have to do with this years team Regan? The games have been so very boring and this is echoed by almost every single season ticket holder you speak to. They generate no shots or good scoring chances night after night. Its fine to be a super fan but you also need to be honest about what you are watching or the credibility is shot.

Boring is an understatement on most nights

jaz301 said...

I wouldn't say the games are boring. I would say this season has been more frustrating. The rockets need to shoot the puck!!!!!!!! I have lost track of how many times this season the rockets have a wide open lane and pass instead of shooting the puck. This just drives me insane. I will continue to go to games though because for the most part they are entertaining.

MARK said...

U think its amazing to watch a guy whos played 9 games in the NHL then he comes here and tries to be a one man show? if he pass more be more succesful, severson a 1st rounder?? does anyone keep stats on how many times he gives the puck away? or bad penalty he makes? what id like to see is Goulbourne playing with bulmer and mcgolgan instead of a Bailey who seems to get pushed around to much also love to see Cooke get more starts over your Fav regan in brown

Hey these just my 2 thoughs

Jared Comeau said...

I was thinking to myself on Saturday night, as I look up to the Murals of past Rocket Greats, of how Hockey was played in the confines of Prospera in the mid 2000's. Hard, Gritty, Passionate. This edition of the Kelowna Rockets lacks all of the above...They seem to Just....Not....Care. Period. THAT, and that ALONE, is the frustrating part.

I love watching some of our players play, but there is a difference between watching players play and watching a team play. If our roster played together instead of individually, we might have some good outcomes. Unfortunately I think the most team based hockey we will see this year will be on Jan 31 and Feb 1, and these guys are only together for 1 day before game day......If that.

I agree also Regan that we as fans are...Nay...WERE spoiled rotten. However, with that, comes expectations. We had been spoiled for a while with success, and because of this, the fans have come to demand results, which I for one do not think is unreasonable.

Re: Myers, No, it did not suck watching him develop, however, I have yet to see ANY development in ANY of our young guys this year, our older guys also. Severson a first round pick? This guy is a liability at best, I'll give him mad props for attempting to fill Tyson Barrie's Shoes, as that is no small feat, however, he isn't doing it very well at all. McColgan was also supposed to be a first round pick, how did that turn out?

What I am trying to get at is that I am, as are most season tix holders, VERY Disappointed so far. I was willing to give this team the benefeit of the doubt as they came out slow last season as well, and still made it out of the 1st round, but enough is enough. If Bruce Hamilton hopes to not have to go on another, and even BIGGER Season ticket drive this summer, then he is going to have to do something with this hockey team. And Fast.

Regan Bartel said...

"We are spoiled rotten. However, with that, comes expectations. We had been spoiled for a while with success, and because of this, the fans have come to demand results, which I for one do not think is unreasonable."

Jared, well thought out post.
I totally agree that the expectation should be there to win, to succeed and to ultimately play hard no matter who is in the line-up or who you are playing.
To that I can't agree with you more.
But not every game is going to be a thriller. It can't be that way over 36 home games. I hope fans here can appreciate that even if the Rockets lose, some entertainment value is taken away at games end.
Even if an opponent scores a pretty goal, I hope we can take our rose coloured classes off to see some entertainment value there.
If you want to bitch about effort, like we didn't see Saturday night, I have no problem with that.

Powerplay said...

Would this team be better if some of the older players were not injured? Such as Chickie, Adolph, Main? This is also the year Luke Moffatt was supposed to be tearing up the league.