Friday, December 9, 2011

Game day pic's

The Kamloops Blazers arrived at the I-Plex for a quick skate prior to the Rockets pre-game skate. Here Zach Franko (left) and Mitchell Chapman (right) walk past the Blazers chariot.
In the lobby of the I-Plex is the Swift Current Broncos Hall of Fame. Here is a familiar face/name that you may know.
Inside the Rockets dressing room before the pre-game skate. No complaints with this room. Lots of space for everyone to spread out. Brett Bulmer lacing up the skates for the final pre-game skate before heading off to join Team Canada this weekend.
Kamloops Blazers radio voice Jon Keen and I pose in front of the Swift Current Broncos dressing room. I called Broncos games from 1995-2000 while Keen took over the microphone from 2003-2010.
*Note on this photo. 'Keener' just got off the bus after a long ride through the night. He doesn't normally dress this casual. Or does he?


Gord McGarva said...

Dan Lambert in the Broncos Hall of Fame.

Ryan Cuthbert on Kelowna's "Hall of Fame" (Mural with 2003 WHL Championship Trophy, now known as the Ed Chynoweth Cup)

Ryan Huska's name hangs in the rafters of the ISC in Kamloops as a Blazer "Legend".

I think the team is in good hands.

g.k said...

Hey Regan can you please post some pics from the new arena in Moose Jaw? I grew up at the old Civic Centre so it would be cool to see a few shots of the new barn. Also don't forget to stop at Parkbeg so the team can marvel at the wonderous home of Gainer the Gopher!! Good luck Rockets & Merry Christmas to all of you!!