Monday, December 5, 2011

Detroit likes Damon Severson. Get in line.

(photo courtesy Seattle Thunderbirds)

Marty Stein is a scout with the Detroit Red Wings. I spoke to him specifically about Kelowna Rockets defenceman Damon Severson, a player he likes and admits is on the radar of many an NHL scout.

"The one big thing about him (Severson) is when he wants to he can keep his game very simple. At the beginning of the year he was jumping into the play and was doing all of the right things by making the easy passes. After that, for about a month there, he was probably trying to do too much and it did cost him. There were a couple of times that goals were scored by the opposition, but in the last few games, he has been more consistent and he is jumping into the play. He's almost at a point a game. I like his size. I like his skating and he has a great shot. He has a lot of the tools, but as long as he plays consistent hockey he should be ok".

Should he be worried about points?

"Just play the game. Getting points is just bonus. What got him here in the first place is the way he has played before. Right now he is third in scoring and gosh, that is great for a d-man. He shouldn't be concerned with that."

How about the fight he had the other night?

"We were expecting that from him but it has just taken a while for him to do it. He fights a 20 year-old the other night against Victoria and steps up. That is just another thing in his repertoire."

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