Friday, November 14, 2008

Rockets Game Notes vs. Giants

Tonight’s Preview: The Rockets have won six of their last nine games heading into tonight’s contest against the Vancouver Giants. It’s the third of eight meetings between these two teams this season. They met Wednesday in Kelowna with the Giants earning a 3-1 win. The two teams exchanged goals in the first period before skating into the final period tied at one. In the third the Giants would get back-to-back goals less than five minutes apart in the two goal win. The Rockets out-shot the visitors 37-24. The Rockets were 0 for 5 on the power play. The loss snapped the Rockets three game home ice winning streak. Following tonight’s game the Rockets are in Kamloops tomorrow night before hosting Tri City on Wednesday. The Rockets begin a portion of their schedule tonight playing four of their next five games on home ice.

It Doesn't Happen Often: Forwards Colin Long and Jamie Benn have failed to register a point in back-to-back games. Long’s longest pointless streak last season was three games. Benn was shutout in back-to-back games five times last season…Rookie goaltender Adam Brown suffered his first loss of the season Wednesday night in a 3-1 setback to the Giants. Brown had won his first 7 games…The Rockets have failed to score a power play goal in back-to-back games. The Rockets are 0 for 8 over that period. The last power play goal was scored by Colin Long in a 5-2 win over Edmonton November 2nd….Benn and Long have combined for 40% of the team’s offense this season. Benn and Long have 61 points combined. The remaining players on the roster have 153 points combined.

Lack of Success: The Rockets are 3 and 7 in their last ten appearances at Pacific Coliseum. In those 10 games the Rockets have scored just 19 goals, or an averaged of just 1.9 goals per game. The Giants on the other hand have scored 43 goals over that period, or an average of 4.3 goals per game.

Power with the Power Play: The Rockets have scored 31 goals with the power play this season. Overall the team has scored 80 times; meaning 38.8 % of their goals have been scored with the extra man.

‘Benn’-fitting From the Power Play: Rockets forward Jamie Benn has 32 points this season. Of those 32 points, 16 of those points (50%) have been earned with the extra man. When Benn scores the Rockets are 8-4-0-0.

No Shootout/No OT: The Rockets have failed to play a game this season that has gone either to overtime or a shootout. The last overtime game the Rockets were involved in that ended in a decision was December 15/07 in a 3-2 overtime win in Saskatoon. Jamie Benn scored the game winner. The last time the Rockets were involved in a shootout was March 9/08 in a 4-3 shootout win in Chilliwack. Tyson Barrie technically scored the game winning goal in that contest. The Rockets were involved in 11 shootout games last season. Kelowna is joined by Portland and Saskatoon as the only three teams not involved in a shootout this season.

Schedule Maker: The Rockets play 13 more games before Christmas. Six of those games are on home ice. The seven road games include dates in Prince George (twice), tonight in Vancouver, Kamloops, Calgary, Red Deer and Edmonton.

Two Head to A-D-T: Jamie Benn and Tyler Myers have been named to team WHL, which will face the Russians in the A-D-T Canada/Russia Challenge next month. Games will be played in Swift Current and Prince Albert Saskatchewan.

Who’s Hot – Who’s Not: Jamie Benn has goals in 6 of his last eight games. That’s 10 goals over that period. Colin Long has points in 9 of his last 12. Long has 9 goals and 11 assists = 20 pts over that stretch. Cody Almond has points in eleven of his last fifteen games. Almond has 6+6=12 over that period.

Home Cook’n: The Rockets are 8-2-0-0 at home this season, having out-scored the opposition 45-22. The only losses at home this season were a 3-1 setback to Vancouver and a 3-2 loss to the Brandon Wheat Kings October 25th.


rocketfuel said...


I think all your readers are getting sick and tired of hearing the same old thing from you "The Benn and Long Show". All us knowledgebale hockey fans know that Benn and Long are good players and we dont need to keep getting reminded day after day after day. In my mind you should try and motivate other players and give them some credit or not make any comments at all. You dont think the likes of Hoody, Almond, Barrie, St.Denis (prior to his injury) were playing the most consistent hockey. In one of your earlier posts you critizided Evin Bloodoff of potentially being on the 5th line. Well you have a player like Macmillan ( 3rd round NHL draftee) who should also be producing , am I not correct?

If you recall Benn has earned 1/2 his points on the power play and yet a player like Evander kane and Zabotel outplayed him the other night and always do when these teams play.What I would like to see is Long and Benn step up to the plate tonight against the Giants..

Regan Bartel said...

I wish it wasn't the 'Benn and Long Show', but facts are facts. When those two players are involved in 40 percent of the teams offense which is a concern. Eliminate those two guys off the score-sheet and what's the end result? A loss on most night's. Evan has 1 goal in his last 17 games, McMillan has 1 goal in his last 18 and Hood has 3 goals in his last 11. That's the goal production from the 18 year-old age group, which in essence will be the 'go to guys' next season. To me that lack of production is scary. In my mind the Rockets should feel fortunate to be averaging 3.8 goals a game. It's going to take more than just Benn and Long to step up to the plate to win tonight. If that 18 year-old age group doesn't contribute against the elete teams, the Rockets won't be able to challenge the big dogs. Remember Long and Benn will most likely be away at the World Juniors, and so where then does that leave the team offensively? I shutter to guess.

rocketfuel said...


Keep the compliments coming on the 18 year olds. Guess that's why your doing colour commentating and not actually coaching as your motivational skills are the poorest I've seen.
Long and Benn better have the production they are having.. First line power play,regular and double shifts and penalty killing... Do your math. When's last time Evin Bloodoff or Hoody has seen the power play.. Do I need to remind you that half of Benn's points come on the power play. Wait and see what Long and Benn do against Evander Kane and Zabotel. I hope they do good as I would luv to see the rockets beat the Giants.

hocus_lopez said...

Wow, Rocket"fool" that was a real mouthful. Where to begin . . . .

Since when is it Regan's responsibility to motivate anyone? He's offering commentary on what he sees, etc. That's commentary/opinion. He's not here to motivate. IMO, that's the job of the coaches, management, and the members of the team.

Moreover, your comments are slightly reminiscent of a spoiled child demanding respect, or worse someone who believes they are ENTITLED to respect just because they exist. When players produce, they will be recognized with points, positive stats, star of the game honors, etc. You need to grow up and remember that Regan is opining on what he observes, not what the fans/parents demand to hear.

Further, your comments about Benn and Long are nonsensical/incomprehensible at best. First of all, without Benn and Long the team would have a losing record. I understand that this is opinion, but I have to agree with Bartel that if things don't change with the 2nd - 4th lines, things will be ugly when those two are away at the World Juniors. The other forwards have to stop hiding behind Benn and Long and they have to start bearing their portion of the offensive work load); Second, they should see more ice time than the third and fourth liners (I know you don't want to hear this, but they are the best players on the team, and the best players get the most ice time. Sorry to break the news to you but life isn't always fair); Third, IMO both Benn and Long had their best defensive game on Wednesday night (neither of those players were responsible for any of the goals against in that game, moreover they were terrors on both the back and forecheck); Fourth, I believe every forward on that team has been given the opportunity to play on the #1 with Long and Benn. Unfortunately, no one has stepped up to fill the spot. I think they are still a two man line, and it's my belief that Hamilton will make a trade to fill that void before too long; and Fifth, it's not in the teams best interest to overplay its best players. Right now they are seeing significant time even strength, PP and the kill. It would be preferable if the coaches could rely on some of the other players to fill these roles. However, right now that just isn't the case.

If you really want to focus on a problem that really hasn't been opined upon, I submit that there is a huge issue with the defense. Both Barrie and Meyers have not looked steady this year. Meyers has taken to falling down (as was the case the last two games), and Barrie has had a very hard time making passes (I think the physical play is starting to take a toll on his smaller frame). The breakout passes have not been crisp/accurate and I believe this has really hurt the transition game.

Ryan said...

Hey Regan don't mind Jared. He is the huge Mrs Doubtfire look-a-like that sits part way up in section 104 on the aisle. He has no friends, walks around in either a Jets or Flames jersey most nights and is the joke of every message board there is. He has a man-crush on Jung, Evan and Hood and feels they should get all the talk instead of the guys actually carrying the team.

Jared Comeau said...
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David said...

rocketfuel - you're outta line. I agree with Lopez, RB isn't responsible for motivating. RB, just keep calling it the way you see it but you could comment on some of the other players that are contributing in other ways (eg strong defensive play, hits, etc.) but in the end - Benn and Long deserve the ice they get. But I also agree with Lopez that I was impressed by their commitment to defense on Wed which has been lacking by them - sad they didn't convert on PP. MacMillian is definitely underachieving and the team desperately needs St. Denis back - he was the best all around player and spark plug before his injury. Its not just the players that are undoubtedly being evaluated either.

Jared Comeau said...

Hey Regan, Just wanted to let you know that the above poster was not me as is obvious by the tag-name. My tag name on my replies has and will always be my name and not "Rocketfuel" and i do not feel, nor think the way this Rocketfuel does. on Jamie Benn and Colin Long. On Wednesday Zabotel and Kane did NOT outplay Benn nor Long. I have always thought of you to be the premier voice of the league and have NEVER and obviously never will bestow motiviational speaking to you as you are not in that capacity with the Rockets.

Yes ryan, i've been stupid previously on the forums but i need to remind you I have not flared up once this season, nor will I. I beg your readers to understand that this Rocketfuel poster is not me and simply someone who used a very popular tag-name with a team called the Rockets. Thanks