Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Guided Tour High Above Pacific Coliseum

This is the catwalk high above the ice surface at Pacific Coliseum. Heading this direction will take you directly over the scoreboard. Here is a picture taken along the catwalk towards the ice. That little red thing down there is the net. Getting dizzy yet? Here is one of the old broadcast booths on the other side of the score clock. My belief is this is the location where Jim Robson called many a Vancouver Canuck game in his day. Even the booth has a 70's look to it. The odd thing is the broadcast booth has a sliding window. Did they think it was going to rain up there?
On my way back from where I came on the catwalk, I noticed this sign. Nice to know I was taking my life in my own hands with my walk across the score clock.

Safe on solid ground, a picture of the Shaw TV play-by-play crew of Bill Wilms (far left) and Dan Russell in the middle.

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