Friday, November 21, 2008

Pics From PG

Just another day in paradise. The players leave the hotel and board the bus for a ride down to CN Centre for a pre-game skate.
I can't trust that Gregg Drinnan, so I had to get a look for myself to see if the Prince George Cougars coaching staff were indeed wearing helmets at practice. At the Cougars pre-game skate this morning coach Schoeneck and Klippenstein were both wearing a lid.

A pic of Cody Almond at practice this morning. The dudes work ethic has him playing a dominant game.

Benner looking on at the pre-game skate.
Who's this guy with the facial shield? That's Brett Bulmer. Bulmer is playing with the Prince George Midgets but took part in workouts this morning. The guy behind him with the cage is Dylan Hood. Hood's nose still hasn't totally healed, so the cage goes back on.

Coaches Jeff Finley and Kim Dillabaugh checking out the ice at the CN Centre. This is exactly what is needed along the street in front of Prospera Place. Who knew Kenny Rogers was in town this week? Joking aside, the real benefit is to tell the public what's happening in the venue, including upcoming Rockets games.

I thought I'd take a picture of this pillar outside the Rockets dressing room at CN Centre because of all the WHL players that have signed it over the years. Justin Bernhardt's signature is at the top right while Brady Leavolds is on the left. I like Andrew DeSousa's signature which shows he played with 4 different teams. The picture of the suitcase fits.


hocus_lopez said...

Despite the fact he had a short stint in Kelowna, Leovold is one of my all time favorite Rockets. He was the complete package. He could talk the opposition into forgetting their game plan and to focus only on him, he had great speed and an even better toe-drag finish, he was a grinder on the forecheck, he was a great team player (sticking up for teammates, calling them out when the effort wasn't there), and he was a third of what I consider to be the best line I have ever seen in the WHL (Leo, Long and Benn). I'd give an awful lot for Hamilton to pull another rabbit out of his hat and find another player like that.

JOYRIDE said...

So Brandon Macmillan gets his first WHL hat trick, Cody Almond gets his first WHL hat trick, congratulations to both of them.

The common denominator, Hoodie.
he works his ass off, along with ev ,and the coaching staff still plays them against one another. they have both jumpedd through all the hoops only to have callahan and novotny step in and take their might say that they are inconsistant but,consistancy comes with confidence and it seems the coachng staff is heel bent on keeping any of that from them.what hove the big line done lately? 5 on 5 our best players are being squandered on the 3rd and 4th lines.give me a break , hoodie and mac are putting up points , and who do they throw on that line, longer, what is he shy of points or are they trying to pad his stats? there has to be some kind of reward to the hard work. the top line plays wether they screw up or not but the rest only get one chance to make a mistake before they see the pine .championship teams dont hang their hat on 3 or 4 players its everyone onthat team.teach them all the power play the penalty kill and success is yours

Chupacabra said...

Sorry Joyride, but that didn't make any sense.

Kids let that be a lesson. Please put down the bottle of Jack before you attempt to formulate a thought.