Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Failed Breakaway A Sign Of Things to Come

  • I thought the Rockets were the better team in the 1st and 3rd periods of a 4-1 road loss last night against the Tri City Americans, but struggled in the offensive zone. It's not like they didn't compete and create chances, they simply struggled beating Americans goaltender Chet Pickard.
  • The Americans had to feel fortunate to come out of the opening period in a scoreless draw. You could just sense that those missed opportunities by the Rockets, including a breakaway by Jamie Benn less than a minute into the opening period would come back and bite them.
  • The Americans didn't play their best game, but it's the good teams that are able to win even if they are not on their 'A' game. A two goal second period set the home team up nicely heading into the third period where a goal less than a minute into the final frame gave the Am's the cushion they needed.
  • If the Americans believe they played their 'A' game...then the Rockets were even better than I thought.
  • The back breaker? A shorthanded goal from Kruise Reddick when the Americans led 3-1. Had the Rockets scored on that power play, we would have been in for a dandy finish. Instead Adam Brown's miscommunication with defenseman Tyler Myers resulted in Reddick picking up a puck at the side of the Rockets net and firing the puck off of Brown's leg and into the net to make it 4-1.
  • Rockets goaltender Kris Lazaruk started this one, yet had to leave the game after injuring his shoulder after the Americans second goal. Up to that point, Lazaruk wasn't hurting the Rockets as he attempts to regain his confidence. While he could be blamed for giving up a bad rebound on the Am's second goal, where was the defense as Taylor Procyshen had all day to roof the puck over a down and out Lazaruk.
  • Nothing against Adam Brown, but I was hoping Lazaruk could have stayed in the game. I wanted to see him bounce back and show his teammates that he indeed can be a difference maker.
  • For only the second time this season the Rockets were unable to score a power play goal.
  • Spokane Chiefs GM Tim Speltz took in last night's game. I spoke to Speltz for a couple of minutes during the second intermission. Speltz is not only a solid hockey man, but a class act.
  • The Americans were wearing their retro jersey's in this one. Those retro jersey's are the teams original yellow-black and white colours worn in 1988. Those jersey's will be auctioned off with the proceeds going towards charity. I like the retro look, but they needed to have matching sox's. The Americans wore their dark blue sox's, which is the equivalent of wearing a bad tie with a 2 thousand dollar Armani suit.

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Rocketwatcher said...

Once again we fail to beat a frontrunner. Great game by the Ams goalie, and a less than inspiring effort by the forwards. And when are the Rocket coaches going to start to use their bench? If you dress a kid play the kid....TriCities rolled their lines and beat us. Vancouver will do the same. By February our top six forwards and top two d will be bagged. Don't get it......Myers looked like he was sixty in the third.....Does every other team play their best guys regular shift,double shift, power play and penalty kil?? Doubt it....