Thursday, November 29, 2012

Vasko dealt

The Kelowna Rockets are now down to more manageable numbers. The team sent 18 year-old Filip Vasko to the Red Deer Rebels today for a 6th round WHL bantam pick. Vasko was in tough considering the steady play coming from all four lines and wanting to get more ice time for Cole Linaker and 16 year-old Austin Glover. You knew something had to give after Vasko returned to the team this season with no guarantee he would stick around after going goalless last season. I will say, Vasko`s play is much improved and he brings something to the table, but again, is he heads and shoulders better than some of the teams 16 and 17 year-old players. The answer, unfortunately for Vasko is no.  The Rockets have 25 players on their roster.

Bruce has been busy: 8 roster moves
Acquire Dylen McKinlay from Kootenay - 5th round pick
Acquire JT Barnett from Everett (Waivers)
Acquire Cody Fowler from Everett (Waivers)
Acquire Jackson Whistle from Vancouver for 3rd rounder
Trade Stewart Cole to Vancouver - 6th rounder
Trade Tanner Moar to Vancouver - 4th rounder
Trade Austin Ferguson to Red Deer - 6th rounder (likely lost as Ferguson was released)
Trade Filip Vasko to Red Deer (6th rounder. Recouped after Ferguson was released.)


Unknown said...

In this article you say: "The Rockets have 23 players on their roster."

I make it 25 players (even without Vasko):
2 G Cooke, Whistle
8 D Chapman, Johnston, Martin, Severson, Bowey, Lees, Wheaton, Stadel
15 F Barnett, Fowlie, McKinlay, Bell, Franko, Sissons, Goulbourne, Heffley, Nyberg, Olsen, Rigby, Baillie, Linaker, Chartier, Glover


Jared Comeau said...

I believe Chapman and Johnston don't count towards the count because they are on IR.

Regan Bartel said...

Thanks Jared. That was my point, but yes the Rockets have 25 players (total), 23 of which are healthy for full time duty.

Unknown said...

Regan, what's your take on Europeans taking a roster spot? We have seen few impact players from Europe. Don't get me wrong as the likes of Slovak, Backlund, etc certainly have been fun to watch. But more often we seem to get non impact players.

Regan Bartel said...

It is getting harder and harder to find these players and often you don't know what you are getting until you see that player in game action in the WHL. Is it worth the expense to scout these players when they are marginally better than an 18 year-old North American kid? I don't think so, but that's not my call. Few teams have marquee European players. Tim Bozon in Kamloops is a rare commodity.