Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Huska close to milestone

You have likely seen or heard of the movie 300.

For Kelowna Rockets head coach Ryan Huska, the number 200 is far more significant and it could be showing at a hockey arena near you.

Huska is closing in on his 200th regular season victory. The winningest coach in Tacoma/Kelowna franchise history could accomplish the feat as quickly as this weekend when his team plays three games in three nights.

Huska enters the weekend with 198 career wins. Now in his 6th season behind the Kelowna Rockets bench, Huska knew  he wanted to be a head coach when he joined the coaching staff, part time, in 2003.

"You do really miss it. I think when you have played it (hockey) for such a long time it is kind of in your blood. When the opportunity came to do it part time with Marc Habscheid, I really enjoyed it".

Over Huska's time with the Rockets, he has coached under Marc Habschied and Jeff Truitt before getting his shot as head coach for the start of the 2007-2008 season.

"Today I feel like I'm, of course, a better coach than when I started. Every day I come to work I try to improve and try to make sure I am making the changes to get myself to a level that I feel is needed".

Huska knows what it is like to miss the playoffs and win a league championship. The Trail, BC resident guided the team to a WHL title in 2009.

"There are times when you have to be good with your x's and o's but I think as the way these young guys are nowadays, I think the individual relationships you try to develop with them are more important".

The Rockets host Regina Friday, Saskatoon Saturday before closing out the weekend in Everett on Sunday.


bigkev said...

hey Regan who you think the best coach the rockets ever had???

Regan Bartel said...

It all comes down to winning. Interesting that a new coach has been behind the bench for all three WHL titles the team has captured.

Huska - WHL championship 2009
Habscheid - WHL championship - 2003
Truitt - WHL championship - 2005.

Unknown said...

Hey, Where are your 1/4 rankings, I'm interested to see if they match up with mine.

John Olsen Sr said...

Rockets, why not give your excellent coach what he deserves and win all three games on the weekend.

John Olsen Sr.

g.k said...

All 3 coaches have brought home championships but only one brought us a Mem. Cup!!! He was the best!!