Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Things That Make Me Go Hmm...

  • I hope the Rockets can put Monday's loss behind them, because I'll admit its still eating away at me. It just can't happen at this time of the year. If you honestly believe you can make a long run in the playoffs, a stumble against a team that has 21 fewer wins can't happen. Funny thing is the Rockets face a similar situation tonight at home against Chilliwack.
  • I had a chance to listen to the Swift Current Broncos post game show Tuesday night and was impressed at the compliments given by assistant coach Tim Kehler towards the Brandon Wheat Kings. It is rare in this day that a coach compliments the opposition after a loss, yet Kehler went as far as saying they (Broncos) would like to model themselves after the Wheat Kings from a purely work ethic standpoint. It's nice to see a coach give a bouquet to the opposition, especially after a loss. The most surprising quote by Kehler was "I just don't think it's close right now...they (Brandon) are doing many things better than we are as a group".
  • I find it interesting that the Broncos are waiting until this summer on whether to exercise the option on head coach Dean Chynoweth's contract. Does it not show a lack of faith for Chynoweth and essentially put a gun to his head to succeed in the playoffs? Does a first or second round exit mean Chynoweth is looking for employment elsewhere? Sure looks like it from 11 hundred kilometers away.Chynoweth hasn't won a championship, but under his tenure the Broncos have always been in the mix.
  • You have to applaud Kelly McCrimmon for leading the Brandon Wheat Kings to another +40 win season. It's the third straight season with 40 wins, and 'McCrimmon's Men' have 40 wins in four of the last five years. Now that's impressive at the junior level. Look for McCrimmon's team again to hit the 40 win mark next season when they host the Memorial Cup.
  • One of the changes the Portland Winter Hawks have made since new ownership took over was brighter lights. That's right. New lighting was installed at Memorial Coliseum to bring a brighter atmosphere to the dressing room. Coach Johnston wanted the dressing room to be a place the players like to come too, not a place they dread.
  • What's with all of these radio broadcasters in the WHL going on winter excursions during the season? Rod Pedersen of the Regina Pats goes on a late season trip to Mexico and Chilliwack's Randy Merkley got married during the season on a tropical island. What's next, one of the play-by-play guys going on a 2 week vacation during the playoffs? Ok, I am jealous of both of them to be honest. Hey if these guys can get away for some r-and-r during the season, good on them. Unfortunately I am unable to get away because of our radio stations back up plan. We don't have one. If I go down, no one is technically available to replace me. I am sure someone lurking in the weeds could pinch hit - if needed - but my holidays are reserved for after the season officially comes to an end.

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3stuges said...

Wow....what a let down.
Still have a tough time playing a full 60 minutes.
Regan did it look like the Rockets changed their strategy after the first or did the players just let up with 3 goals?