Thursday, February 26, 2009

Main Makes It Happen In Medicine Hat

  • Spencer Main scored his first WHL goal Wednesday night in Medicine Hat. A little blurry-eyed the next day, Main was all smiles at the hotel this morning as he held up the puck that beat Tigers goaltender Ryan Holfeld.
  • Spencer told me his family had a chance to see the goal scored on the WHL webcast. You have to love technology as the Main's saw the goal from their computer in North Vancouver.
  • Think about this for a second. It took Main 54 games to score his first WHL goal. Last season he didn't even play in 54 regular season games. Spencer said he likely played 40 games all winter.
  • How long has it taken other Rockets to scoring their first WHL goal in their 16 year-old season? It took Collin Bowman 45 games while Tyler Myers didn't get his first until game #24. Evan Bloodoff scored his first goal in game #26 while it took Colin Long just 8 games to score his first in the league. Cody Almond took 4 games to score his first as a 16 year-old.
  • Rockets assistant coach Ryan Cuthbert has the claim to fame of scoring in his first WHL game as a 16 year-old. Not only did Cuthbert score in that game against Portland in 1998, he also got into a fight.

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