Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Things That Make Me Go Hmm...

  • The Calgary Flames are keeping a close eye on prospect Mikael Backlund. Flames Director of Player Development Duane Sutter attended Sunday's game in Spokane. Sutter also had a chance to see the development of two other Flames prospects in that game, Riley Grantham and Spokane Chiefs forward Mitch Wahl.
  • I did some number crunching and found out that the Rockets are 19-2-0-0 when captain Colin Long scores.
  • Long registered his 200th and 201st career point in Sunday's win in Spokane.
  • Count your blessings. Sure the Rockets spent the majority of the season without Kyle St. Denis, but was it not better for him to miss the first half of the season than the last half? Look at Lance Bouma in Vancouver, Scott Glennie in Brandon and Jared Cowan in Spokane, all three going down with significant injuries with the playoffs just 5 weeks away. I'll take the timing of St. Denis' injury any day opposed to having a key player out when the real season starts in late March.
  • I ran into Kevin Muench Sunday in Spokane. The WHL's Director of Officiating was making the rounds out West, which included a stop in Cranbrook Saturday night.
  • How can the Regina Pats be on the verge of missing the playoffs? With that talented lineup, something just doesn't add up.
  • It's nice to see Brady Calla doing well in Spokane. The Kelowna resident has 6+6=12 in 13 games since he was acquired from Kamloops at the trade deadline. My general belief is Calla is in a 'happy place' mentally, and the offensive production is a direct result of that.
  • Rockets alumnus Kristopher Westblom is playing with the Acadia Axeman this season. Westblom is 7-7-0-1 with a 2.95 goals against average and a .881 save percentage.
  • On your mark...get set....go!! Starting Friday, the Rockets will enter a stretch of games which has them playing ten games in 15 nights. Ouch!
  • The line of Curt Gogol, Spencer Main and Mitchell Callahan are providing the Rockets with some solid minutes. Do we call them the GMC line? Or how about the pickup line?
  • Here is a video interview I had with Rockets forward Curt Gogol last week:


David said...

From Gogol's interview and comments you wrote previously about some verbal sparring between Rocket players and Kamloops coach it seems that the coach broke every cardinal rule - especially the one that management always harps on players about - "don't say anything to the press that gives the other team any ammunition to rally around". No wonder Calla is in a better 'mental space', hard to respect a coach that makes your job even harder.

Rocketwatcher said...

Coaches shouldn't be yapping at players. Smith has demonstrated time and time again his immaturity as a coach in this league. And Kamloops is doing how well??

Regan Bartel said...

Agreed. Let the players yap at one another. I like Don Hay's approach. Don't stoop to that level.