Monday, October 20, 2008

Things That Make Me Go Hmm....

  • If Kyle Beach plays the way he did Friday against the Kelowna Rockets he will do one of two things. He will: a) Force the Chicago Black Hawks to make him a regular with their team next season: b) Other WHL team's will show interested in acquired him near or at the trade deadline for a long run through the playoffs.
  • Beach has proven he's tough enough, but his sudden show of 'turning the cheek' for the betterment of the team is impressive. I am not saying he won't snap at some point this season when the opposition gets under his skin, but teams reluctant on acquiring him because of his lack of discipline on the ice may now be thinking twice. Was it just a rare night against the Rockets that Beach stayed out of trouble, or is it the new and improved Kyle Beach? Only time will tell.
  • I haven't given up on Kris Lazaruk. I believe he can rebound from a rough start in a Rockets uniform, but his next start is a big one. I am not sure if he is doubting his own game right now, but he needs to prove to his teammates that he delivers on what management believed was a top end goaltender when they acquired him from Kootenay. I am not suggesting that his teammates aren't confident with his play, but giving up soft goals is like a dagger in the heart of a team that is still trying to find their stride in the early stages of the season.
  • I wouldn't have envisioned the Rockets being 7-6-0-0 after the first 13 games this season, but lets remember this team has played a truck load of road games. When 9 of the first 13 are played away from Prospera Place your record is bound to take a beating.
  • Let me throw this at ya. Let's says the schedule was reversed where the Rockets played 9 of their first 13 at home. Would the Rockets then be 9-4-0-0 considering they are undefeated on home ice this season?
  • The Rockets have scored the 3rd most goals in the WHL this season. Only Vancouver (54) and Calgary (52) have scored more than the Rockets 49.
  • The bad news is the Rockets have allowed 48 goals against this season. Only Edmonton(63) and Kamloops (53) have allowed more.
  • The Rockets have had the second most power play chances in the WHL this season. Only Kootenay (87) has more power play chances than the Rockets 86.
  • I want to publicly thank Colin Long's dad for a book he gave me when I ran into him last weekend in Everett. Steve Long presented me with a book entitled "How to make a million dollars with your voice (or lose your tonsils trying)." When my wife saw the book she urged me to read it immediately saying "you are a long way away from making a million dollars with that voice."
  • Who has the ugly distinction of losing to the Portland Winter Hawks this season? The Hawks are 1 and 9 this year, with their one win coming against the Kelowna Rockets in a 2-1 victory in the second game of the season.
  • How long is it before Hawks veteran goaltender Kurtis Mucha asks for a trade? Even the Phoenix Coyotes - the team that gave him a free agent tryout - wouldn't like the situation the veteran is in. Facing quality shots is one thing...losing continuously is another.

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Loft25 said...

Heard that at the Chicago Camp Kane and Toews asked Beach why he had to play like that. "Lets just play hockey; we want you on our team next year". Voila! The kids listen to their peers before their coaches.