Saturday, October 18, 2008

Defensive Deficiencies

  • The Kelowna Rockets scored an impressive 6 goals last night on the road. The only problem was they gave up 8. The Rockets are now 2 and 6 on the road this season, but the real concern is the number of goals they are allowing so far this season.
  • The Rockets have given up 46 goals so far this season. Only Kamloops (48) have given up more in the Western Conference.
  • The Rockets had the game within their grasp after scoring the first - three goals of the third period and building up a 6-4 lead with just under 10 minutes left in regulation. But the Tips would battle back with three straight goals, and an empty netter to win their 5th game of the season.
  • Veteran goaltender Kris Lazaruk allowed 7 goals on 31 shots. Credit the Tips for the goals they scored, but Lazaruk needs to be a difference maker as a 20 year-old goaltender. He was as a good as his counterpart at the other end, Tips netminder Shayne Brown. The only problem is Lazaruk is two years older and has 89 more games under his belt.
  • For the third time in the last four road games the Rockets were guilty of giving up 7 or more goals. The Rockets have given up 7 goals against Vancouver and Lethbridge and a season high 8 against the Tips in last night's loss.
  • Kyle Beach again had the Rockets number. Beach had 4 assists, was a +4 and didn't take a penalty. Is this the same Kyle Beach from last season? He's a year smarter, and showed he'll take an assist as quick as a goal by passing the puck (rather than shooting) to teammate Matthew Ius for an easy empty netter. I'll post the interview I had with Beach by 1 pm Saturday afternoon.
  • While Beach was a +4, Rockets forward Colin Long was a -5. Long still managed 2 assists.
  • Jamie Benn again had a solid game, scoring twice. Benn already has 8 goals, one off the league lead.
  • When was the last time the Rockets gave up 8 goals on the road? October 5, 2002 the Rockets were a 8-6 loser in Medicine Hat.
  • Colin Long's parents were in attendance at last night's game.


g.k said...

I listened to the game Regan, and by the way another stellar performance, by you not the Rockets, anyway you hit the nail on the head with your comment on our goaltender, we have a very young defence who are working there tails off in front of him so it must be frustrating for them knowing he's not going to be able to come up with that spectacular save when they need it, he's very average at best from what I've seen. Tory Jung may have been inconsistent but he also saved our asses a few time's too. I think Bruce dropped the ball on this one!!

Ryan said...

Dan Spence better be coming to Kelowna. WE gave this guy from the Ice a chance and he is killing us, even the saves he makes are scary. No time to be nice.

MG said...

I know it is easy to be an arm chair coach and pick on this Lazaruk after this one but I also agree. He gave up 3 goals on 13 shots ( one PP) in the first and 3 goals on 7 shots in the third ( one PP ) not including the EN'er.
His avg has got to be over 3 by now and save % must be around .86 or so. Watching him at home games he appears to lack intensity. Even if he had made 2 or 3 more key saves it might have won us the game last night and that is what he is missing. Goalies are a funny bunch and can turn it around in a second but I hope given his play so far we have a plan up our sleeve.

Jon said...

How were the drinks after the game with the Seattle and Everett fans that you mentioned in your blog a couple weeks ago.

You know, the ones that invited you to go out after the game because they think you are the best PBP guy in the league.

Malcolm said...

From the WHL stats.

Player Team Games-Played Shots GA GAAvg Save% Win Loss
Kris Lazaruk Kelowna Rockets 11 275 42 3.90 0.847 5 6 2008
Kris Lazaruk Kootenay Ice 51 1516 136 2.90 0.910 26 17 2007

Torrie Jung Kelowna Rockets 33 789 86 2.80 0.891 13 12 2007

Dan Spence Calgary Hitmen 6 180 12 1.98 0.933 4 2 2008
Dan Spence Calgary Hitmen 48 1102 103 2.19 0.907 29 12 2007

Regan Bartel said...

Jon sorry I was unable to meet you guys, but that's the price of traveling with the team. When they travel - I travel. When they eat, I eat. They are my taxi and literally my meal ticket. That said I enjoyed the stop in Everett. The atmosphere was great.

Regan Bartel said...
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Rocketwatcher said...

Just a thought but the team will continue to struggle to hold leads late if the three top d are played to death. PP, Pk and a regular shift or double shifting Tyler and Tyson may seem like a good idea on paper but then don't complain about a young and inexperienced back end when they are either stapled to the bench or sitting in the stands. With two refs the games are always going to center on special teams. You cannot play on all of them AND go hard five on five. I know the coaches in this league get paid to win but you need a balance. Its not fair to throw your fourth line out ice cold with cold d and then act surprised when they get scored on...and our senior goalie needs to sharpen up.....