Thursday, October 23, 2008

Brown Bags A Shutout

  • While illusionist David Copperfield was creating magic at Prospera Place in Kelowna Wednesday night, Rockets rookie goaltender Adam Brown was pulling a shutout out of his hat down the road at Prospera Centre in Chilliwack. Brown - making his second straight start - made 15 saves leading the Rockets to a 5-0 win over the Bruins, in the teams 8th win of the season.
  • Brown remains undefeated this season. Brown is now 3-0-0-0 after Wednesday’s win. Brown has victories over Chilliwack, Seattle and Everett. Over those three games Brown has allowed just 4 goals.
  • While Brown faced just 15 shots, he was still required to make three terrific saves including a beauty off of Randy McNaught late in the first period when the Rockets were up 3-0.
  • How can you not start Brown at home Friday against the Bruins? The 17 year-old is looking more and more comfortable every time he plays, and staying with the goaltender with the hot hand only makes sense.
  • When was the last time the Rockets shutout a team on the road? It was January 28, 2006 in a 6-0 win in Kootenay.
  • It was a sign of a long night for the Bruins when Rockets forward Cody Almond ringed one off the cross bar less than 3 minutes into the first period. The Rockets clearly dominated the opening period before the Bruins found their game for a brief 5 minutes span early in the second. Overall though, the Rockets dominated the game for 55 minutes.
  • How can you have a quiet night and still pick up 4 points? Jamie Benn was named the games first star with two goals and two assists, and was the most dangerous player on the ice with the puck. Yet in a game that was one sided, Benn only needed limited opportunities to flex his offensive muscles.
  • Unlike what happened Saturday when Benn wasn’t credited with a goal on a sharp angle shot against Seattle, he got some revenge when he took a similar shot Wednesday night from a sharp angle that hit the inside of the net before quickly bouncing out. For the second straight time the goal judge didn’t turn the red light on, yet this time referee Matt Kirk was in a great position and didn’t hesitate in calling it a goal – which it indeed was.
  • Speaking of Kirk, he called a great game. He was never overly involved in the game, and let things go – both ways. I still love the one referee system, and Kirk showed Wednesday that it really does work well.
  • The Rockets have won 5 of their last 7 games overall.
  • The Rockets won back-to-back road games for the first time this season.
  • Brandon McMillan scored once in the win. It was the 18 year-old forwards first goal in 11 games.
  • Rockets GM Bruce Hamilton took in Wednesday’s game. It was the first time this season that Hamilton has traveled with the team after conducted both league and CHL business in the first few weeks of the season.

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Rocketwatcher said...

Best game so far this year......don't care if Chiliwack is missing guys...take the points and run.....great team effort.....