Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Warriors 3 Rockets 2 Shootout

Tuesday night the Rockets made a stop at the Moose Jaw Civic Centre where they lost 3-2 in a shootout. While the 'Crushed Can' needs a major renovation, the new visitors dressing room is nothing short of excellent. This new dressing room is a far cry from what visiting teams in past years were accustomed too.

This is one of three banners hanging at the Moose Jaw Civic Centre of players jersey's that have been retired. The others are Mike Keane and Kelly Buchberger.

This is the Taco Del Mar Stairs of Death at the Moose Jaw Civic Centre. In all seriousness, these are the stairs leading to the broadcast booth. One miss-step, and you are tumbling to the bottom below. Climbing the stairs to the broadcast booth is a cardio workout.

The Warriors organization hasn't exactly had an abundance off success since it was relocated from Winnipeg to Moose Jaw in the mid 80's. That said, the Warriors proudly display the teams Eastern Conference Championship banner. In the WHL final that season they lost to the Vancouver Giants in four straight games.


KeRDeL said...

I loved the Crushed Can! Nothing better than sitting in the top row and losing sight of the player carrying the puck on the far boards.

g.k said...

Hey Regan great to see some pictures of the old rink, I spent many a night there watching Theo, Bucky & the boy's. I see they have new seats too, I got many a blister from those old bench seats they had in there. Too bad the Rockets had to lose this one, but they lost to my 2nd favorite team!!

g.k said...

Hey Regan how about a report on the Wheatie's game, or are you stuck in some ditch outside of Davidson??

dot said...

Good Morning Regan and David
Was wondering the same thing,maybe to cold for the internet to work.
Just wanted to say I enjoy the pictures and your blog,look forward to reading early am,missed it today
Good luck to the boys on the weekend

Regan Bartel said...

Technical difficulty is the problem with the lack of a post this morning. The team is staying at one of the nicest hotels in Saskatoon, yet my laptop isn't enjoying the internet access the hotel provides. Until I solve the problem I have using the business centre.