Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Getting the Good's from Torrie Jung

All is not serious when it comes to the Kelowna Rockets season. Sure wins are paramount at any time of the year, but David and I sat down with likable goaltender Torrie Jung for some off the wall questioning:


As for David's question on the goaltenders lack of creativity with their masks, the fact is Rockets GM Bruce Hamilton isn't keen on the goaltenders having any fancy design. Jung and Westblom's masks are plain white, and will remain that way as long as the GM has it his way.

On a more serious thought, you have to love the play recently of sophomore forward Dylan Hood. Hood has something with American based teams this season. All three goals he's scored this year have been against Everett and Seattle. On Friday night against the Tips, Hood was up to his old antics by pressuring the opposition on the penalty kill:


If you are interested in any other highlights from previous Rockets games, visit http://www.am1150.ca/ and click on the tab 'Rockets Hockey' and follow the links.


hugohugo said...

What possible reason could Bruce have with a goalie painting his mask other than being too cheap? Why on earth would any GM give 2 craps whether their goalie had a mask painted? They look ridiculous with those God-awful white masks.

Maybe another way to control these kids by an ego-maniac?

Jared Comeau said...

Bruce doesn't want them to paint the masks so that they don't get too comfortable being with the team mate. You get too comfortable, you play alot more soft, guarenteed. This way it keeps the kids on their toes not knowing if they are playing well enough to stay on the team

Regan Bartel said...
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Regan Bartel said...

Bruce Hamilton beats to his own drum. I am not surprised at the goaltender mask issue. Look at training camp, where no player uses the Rockets dressing room until they make the team. Look at the photo's of the Rockets players. Notice anyone with excessively long hair? He won't allow it. When the Rockets players appear on tv after a game for an interview, all are in track suits, not the sweaty shirt they wore underneath their gear. It's small details that Bruce looks at that makes his organization different from others. He may have an old school philosophy, but I kinda like it. The bottom line is he is the owner, and shouldn't the owner have the final say on how he wants his players to look in public?

g.k said...

You know Regan, that's fine that Bruce want's the players to look good in the public eye, but maybe if he'd give them a bit more freedom it would dictate how they played on the ice, they seem to me to be playing a very tight, nervous kind of style of hockey, afraid to do anything wrong as not to piss off the man upstairs!! I could be totally off base here but these are 17 & 18 year old kids that are under the microscope 24/7 & don't need any more pressure than they have already from management. Loosen the strings a bit maybe it will show on the ice!!

hudler said...

I know players like Kobasew, Benn and Keith have come here from other teams and leagues but weve also had guys like Ryznar, Tambellini and now maybe Moffat and Backlund not report. Not saying its because a guy with those expectations is running the show, but you cant rule it out. God forbid guys have long hair, no way can they be a cohesive unit if there is a mullet I guess.

I cant imagine being a pretty good goalie coming to Kelowna and being told you cant paint your mask. There's no acceptable reason for that.

Moffatt: "what, so you are telling me I cant go into our own dressing room in pre-season, grow my hair and our goalies arent allowed to paint there mask?". "Ok, screw it then"

Regan Bartel said...
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Regan Bartel said...

Bruce hasn't been at the last two games, so the only one they need to fear are the coaches. As for the hair, it's not like they can't have it long, but not to the point where you have the ability to put it into a ponytail. Bottom line is Bruce wants to run a professional organization, and wants to treat the players as such. I don't know about teenagers, but I know from being a dad to twins, kids in general need structure in their lives. These Rockets have team 'bashes' like anyone else, but they are in Kelowna to become better hockey players and better people. I have never heard one player talk negatively about the structure in Kelowna. In fact many parents of players are attracted to the Rockets program because of that structure, or call it old fashioned philosophy. Would that structure not only be a positive for Kenny Moffatt's father to lean towards sending his son to the WHL? Hamilton has been burned in the past by players running out all night in the Todd Fedoruk days, and wants to keep that to a minimum. Some may see it as being excessive, but my belief is more rules are far better than far to few.