Thursday, September 5, 2013

Rockets notes - quotes and anecdotes

    • Make some noise! That is what Rockets GM Bruce Hamilton wants to see at Prospera Place this season. Hockey fans in Kelowna, regarded as some of the best in the WHL according to the annual 'Best of the West Poll' by the Tri City Herald, are often slow to act when it comes to making noise. Many suggest they are spoiled by so many years of great hockey and winning seasons that they are a tough group to impress. Hamilton says his marketing department has to change up the 'game day' presentation. While Hamilton wants a more interactive crowd this season he realizes fans in Kelowna are at the arena to - as he put it - see the game not a bunch of fireworks.  
    • Cole Linaker wants to score more goals. What forward doesn't want to do that? But the Edmonton resident says with an additional 12 pounds he packed on this off season, he should be stronger in the corners and in front of the net. Linaker, who rid himself of braces this summer, wants to carry his strong play from last years playoffs into this season with the loss of graduating forwards JT Barnett, Dylen McKinlay, Cody Fowlie and Colton Sissons.  
    • Rookie d-man Dalton Yorke is fighting for a spot on the Rockets defensive core this season, but the organization isn't ruling out playing him at forward. Director of Player Personnel Lorne Frey says Yorke would be a good insurance policy if he can play both positions. Last season the Rockets were thin on the blue line with injuries to MacKenzie Johnston and Mitch Wheaton. If they have Yorke as a forward and do get into injury trouble, the 17 year-old can make the smooth transition back to 'd'.
    • The sales team at AM 1150 had nothing but good things to say when they listened to a special guest make a presentation to the staff this week. Rockets head coach Ryan Huska shared some thoughts about team work that can apply in the sporting world but also in the day-to-day work world. Coach Huska left an impression on the sales staff during a break from his regular duties.
    • I sure like the four pre-season games scheduled for the Rockets this year. Last season they played six exhibition games, which in my opinion is way to many. Regardless of  the number of battles in training camp for a position on a particular WHL team, four games should be an ample amount of time to find out who can play and who can't.       
    •  For those of you wondering, Gord McGarva is indeed back for his 5th season as colour commentator. McGarva has spent the entire summer overseas in Scotland where he has perfected the wearing of a kilt.
    • Tyrell Goulbourne is down in Philadephia at Flyers camp but I would be surprised if he skates with the team. I anticipate Flyers medical staff looking at the Edmonton products hand after undergoing surgery on it a couple of weeks ago. Goulbourne didn't play in an pre-season games before heading to 'Philly' on Wednesday.  Goulbourne is a 3rd rounder of the Flyers.
    • I would be surprised if Mitch Wheaton attends Detroit Red Wings camp. It is well documented that Wheaton underwent off-season shoulder surgery.  Wheaton was taken in the 5th round of this summers NHL draft.


g.k said...

Regan its great to have some updates on the Rockets & some of their new players!! I'm wondering if Wheaton or Goulbourne are going to be ready for the season openers next weekend?? I'm looking forward to another season & also hope the fans can quit sitting on their hands & make some real noise.

kevin agar said...

What a disillusioned comment about TyrelL Goulbourne. Tyrell is back with Kelowna next year. He has no chance with Philly til next year. We look forward to your comments next year. Thank You.

Regan Bartel said...

Wheaton will be close for the home opener and Goulbourne should be ready.

Kevin: Goulbourne isn't making the Flyers any time soon. Not sure where you saw me say that in this blog entry?