Monday, September 17, 2012

Schenn may participate in Rockets practice

Luke Schenn should be down in Philadelphia preparing for the start of Flyers main camp.
Instead, because of the NHL lockout, the defenceman is spending some extra time in Kelowna skating at Prospera Place.
Schenn isn't ruling out the possibility of heading to Europe if their is a prolonged work stoppage.
"For right now I have no real plans. I will skate around here (Kelowna) and workout. I think their will be quite a few NHL guys around here during the lockout so I will stay here. As time goes on and the months go on, Europe is an option I have to consider".
Don't be surprised to see Schenn practicing with the Kelowna Rockets over the next few weeks or as long as the lockout lasts.
Here, Schenn is pictured with former teammate Blake Comeau of the Calgary Flames. The two were out mountain biking in the Okanagan sunshine.          

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rocketsfanktownmemcup said...

hey thats neat seeing luke schenn on his bycicle i think i saw him riding by gyro last week. i wonder if braden was with him.

anyways regan i am just wondering if maybe the rockets have considered showing "Storage Wars" on the Jumbotron between periods. i find it is so busy on the concourse I have a hard time getting my popcorn and using the washroom and saying hi to my friends by the bench and getting back to my seat. maybe if they showed "Storage Wars" or another piopular show people wouldnt wander around the concourse and it will cut down on uneeded traffic. just some food for thought