Friday, February 24, 2012

Wow! Enmax Centre in Lethbridge in pictures

Welcome to the Enmax Centre in Lethbridge. About 35 million dollars is being spent on upgrading this facility. The architects got it right. This is the best reno job of any of the facilities I've seen. Moose Jaw's is outstanding (that was a total rebuild), but Hurricanes fans can be proud of this upgrade.
Outside the Enmax Centre. What I like about the new frontage is it doesn't look like an add-on. The glass windows is where the new restaurant will be situated. They are still working on all aspects of the arena, so much so, that the 'Enmax Centre' signage isn't even up on the side of the building.
The blue prints of the arena. Whoever is overlooking this project should take a bow.
This is the visitors dressing room at the Enmax Centre. This is the Hurricanes old dressing room. The Hurricanes are now housed at the end of the arena where the new restaurant is located.
A view of the new press box. Last season I was calling games from the other side of the arena.
A new score clock. Lethbridge needed this about as desperately as Medicine Hat does. Video replay for the fans is a must.
A look inside one of the luxury boxes.
This is the cat walk to the new press box. Construction isn't totally complete, but you get an idea of the set up of the press box that hangs over the ice. We need a replica of this at Prospera Place.
This is a view of the visitors radio booth in the press box.
The new restaurant/lounge. This obviously isn't ready for public use. The plastic around the chairs should be a dead giveaway. Or does the plastic around the chairs remind you of the times when you visited your aunt and had to sit on plastic?
This may not look impressive at first glance, but this is a huge concrete barrier/compound that visiting buses, musicians can use to park their trailers inside this safe blockaded area.

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