Friday, February 17, 2012

"Embarrassing loss" - Coach Ryan Huska

"It is one of the more embarrassing night's I have been apart of". Kelowna Rockets coach Ryan Huska after a 7-1 home ice loss to Calgary.


Jared Comeau said...

Not much to say that hasn't been yet, to be honest.

jaz301 said...

They do know there a hockey team right and not a figure skating team? That is what the sticks are for, to shoot the puck in the net. This game was pathetic. It was so bad that when Calgary scored the two third period goals I stood up and cheered. As for the one rockets goal I cheered, but really I did not think they deserved it. Cooke better get the start tomorrow because Brown has been pulled the last two games and has not looked to sharp.

The fans that were around me were mostly season tickets holders and some were saying they don't even know why they show up anymore and that they most likely will not be their for Saturdays game. Season ticket holders are getting frustrated and I don't blame them. I don't have season tickets I get my tickets from people that do so I go to quite a bit of games. After tonights game I think I have finally lost hope in this team (well for this season). I have tried to stay positive and support the team, but how can you get motivated and cheer for a team when they play like this. Yes I know this is just a really bad game, but the problem is there have been a lot of bad games this season. I guess we just have to start looking forward to next season.

g.k said...

I am one of those season ticket holders & I was not at the game last night, mostly due to a cold I have, likely wouldn't have gone anyways after Wed. nights performance. Regan do you think the reason for these lackluster efforts is due to the fact the Rockets have nothing to play for, since they are in sixth place & aren't going to move up, & won't be moving down at all unless they lose the rest of their games? If this is the case then I blame the coaches as their job is to get these players ready & motivated for every game & every shift, they are a young bunch for sure & need some direction which they don't seem to be getting. Also one thing I've noticed the other teams all seem to have which the Rockets don't, is good European talent, Bruce needs to address this problem in the future, look at Kamloops & Calgary both have great Euros, the Rockets, rarely find a talented Euro. I also agree with those that said Brown & Bulmer should have been traded at the deadline, look what their doing for us now. I won't be at the game tonight either, I'm afraid that it won't be pretty.

StolzHockey said...

Just touching on the European subject:

Our scouting staff is top notch, and they've tried to persuade top end European talent to come play over here in North America. Zemgus Girgensons and Teemu Pulkinnen are both property of the Kelowna Rockets. Kelowna has done everything short of kidnapping them to try and get them to come to Kelowna.

I am a very strong believer in sticking with home grown talent, though. Look at the Kootenay Ice last season. They didn't have a single Euro on their Championship team. In addition to that, look around the WHL at the talent that has come out of our own backyard: Cody Sylvester, Keith Hamilton, Cody Beach, Curtis Lazar, Jackson Whistle, Marc Mackenzie, Ayrton Nikkel, Justin Hickman, Art Bidlevskii, and so many more.