Monday, January 28, 2008

Things That Make Me Go Hmm....

  • I was interested in comments made by Portland goaltender Kurtis Mucha last week. Mucha told the Portland Tribune "You see some players on our team who think they’re better than they are. Too cocky,” Mucha said. “And then there are a couple players who shouldn’t even be in this league. It’s not their fault. They’re being thrown into a situation they’re not used to, and almost set up to fail. But we’ve got nobody else.” I hear his frustration, but after making comments like that, how does he expect his teammates to play hard in front of him? I guess Mucha has little to lose, considering they haven't shown up to play before, why should things change following his harsh criticism of his teammates.
  • Would the Rockets have earned a point in Medicine Hat had it not been for the play of goaltender Torrie Jung? Likely not. But that's ok. Ask yourself how many games has a Rockets goaltender single handily won a game for the team this season? Not many. The Rockets don't need good goaltending, but great goaltending if they want to compete against the Spokane's, Calgary's and Vancouver's of this world. Torrie Jung's efforts Saturday can not be overlooked.
  • A suggestion was made in the comments section of the coaches decision to bench Brady Leavold after a turnover Saturday night resulting in a Tigers goal. Leavold did not see the ice after Cody Carlson's goal made it a 3-2 game. My feeling is Leavold's give-away was the final straw in a series of missed assignments over the two night's. While Leavold is one of the Rockets top players, what message does that send to the other's if he too is not accountable for his actions?
  • It was great running into Doug Mosher in Medicine Hat Saturday night. Mosher has been fighting illness, and it was great to see him at the arena. Mosher may be weaker than when I last saw him, but his sense of humor hasn't changed. Mosher and I go back to my days in Swift Current, when Mosher was the GM of the Broncos. We spent many a bus trip sitting with each other, me the wide eyed rookie broadcaster and Mosher the outspoken hockey man.
  • Playing the Swift Current Broncos for the lone time this season has me thinking that the WHL needs to make a change to it's schedule. Is it not a shame that fans in the Okanagan are unable to see the Broncos at Prospera Place? What happened if the Broncos had a 17 year-old player this season who was projected to be the number one pick in this summers NHL draft, yet the Broncos failed to make a stop in K-Town? How many people would be bitching then? I am all for playing divisional rivals, but playing teams like Chilliwack and Vancouver to ad nauseam isn't good either.
  • Going back to the Credit Union I-Plex in Swift Current, and seeing 24 hundred fans in the stands just proves that the new seating in that building is necessary, if the locals are willing to back the team. I scratched my head when the wrap-around seating at the East end was being considered, but the saying 'If we build it they will come' rang loud and clear Friday night.
  • So now that the home of the Broncos has received a face-lift, what is the plan for Moose Jaw? The rink is a dive, and can't hold a candle to Swift Current or Prince Albert. Officially the home of the Warriors is the disgrace of the league. Even the Medicine Hat Arena is better. Why? At least it's clean. It doesn't have to be brand new to have appeal, but pride of ownership is lost on those that run the Crushed Can. Just go up to the visitors broadcast booth and tell me other wise. I'll meet you at the dry cleaners to discuss the issue with you afterwards.
  • Speaking of Medicine Hat, I've been told a new arena there is still 4 to 5 years away. The plans for the building have it looking like a slightly smaller Everett Events Center. The cost of the new arena in the Hat is projected to be about 90 million. The reno's in Swift Current were about 15 million.
  • Why are NHL scouts so scared to talk to the media about prospects for the upcoming draft? I've ran into so many of the them following the Rockets on the road, yet when pressed to get an opinion on Schenn, Myers or McMillan, everyone clams up. It was only until Saturday night in Medicine Hat that Chicago Black Hawks Assistant GM Rick Dudley opened up about the players scouts are salivating over. LA GM Dean Lombardi wasn't the least bit interested in shedding some light on the three prospects when I spoke to him last week in Kelowna. It was like he thought I would spread the word on what his drafting intentions were going to be.
  • Watching the NHL All-Star game Sunday has me calling for the return of the WHL All-Star game. Give the Canada-Russia Super Series the punt, and bring back a game that showcases the best this league has to offer. East against West. A no-hitter it wouldn't be!
  • I thought the Rockets organization did a smart thing by leaving Tyson Barrie and Riley McIntosh at the hotel Saturday night. The two were sicker than a dog with the flu, and keeping them in a hotel bed rather than forcing them to head to the rink as (un)healthy scratches wouldn't have made sense. On the ride back to Kelowna the two were stationed at the front of the bus, away from teammates, but right across from the radio broadcast. GREAT! Remind me to pack my Sars mask for my next road trip.


Jonathan said...

I know I would love a home and home with each team in the league every year. With myself a fan of the Rockets, but living in Calgary made it tough to have no visit from the Rockets this year, not even to Red Deer. Had to go to lethbridge to see the boys play.

g.k said...

I would love to see more games with the teams from Alberta, I think it would help the West Division, as I see the West as a more finesse style opposed to the Eastern teams who are more rugged & seem to play a tougher game. I think this hurts us when we have go on these long road trips & the teams out there know our style & play a more physical game against us than what were use too!! If you look at the game summary's from the East rarely is there a game without one or two majors for fighting, I don't remember the last time I saw a fight at Propsera!! Example: The Regina Pats had two line brawls in two consecutive games this past weekend!! You don't see that kind of emotion out West very often!!