Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's a Broken Beak!

No this is not a picture of Kelowna Rockets forward Cody Almond, but Almond did break his nose in a fight last night with Everett's Dane Crowley. Almond and Crowley got into a fight late in the third period of Wednesday's 5-1 Rockets win over the Everett Silvertips. Almond will play Friday against Lethbridge, but will likely be wearing a full face shield.

Defenseman Collin Bowman missed a portion of last night's game after being hit on the wrist with a puck. Bowman is also expected to play Friday night against the Hurricanes.


g.k said...

I had a good view of the fight last night, Cody was all over Crowley at first, albeit with alot of soft punches to the helmet, it was like Crowley was just waiting for an opening, then KABOOM!! down went Cody in a pool of blood!! We all figured he'd busted his beak. Please Cody stick to hockey we need you on the ice, the game was over anyway's!!

Regan Bartel said...

It was Cody's 6th fighting major of the season, and it knew he was in trouble when Crowley threw one punch. Crowley was waiting for Almond to tire out before laying the boom. That said, Almond has been playing with emotion since the Christmas break, and with that emotion comes aggression. I will take an aggressive Cody Almond who picks his spots physically, over a passive Cody Almond who looked at times in the first half like he didn't want to take a leadership role.