Monday, January 7, 2008

Things That Make Me Go Hmm...

  • I have to applaud Cougars GM Dallas Thompson for doing what I thought was the impossible...getting a first round bantam pick in the Ty Wishart deal. Sure Thompson gave up Wishart and grinder Evan Fuller, but landing the Warriors first round pick in 2008 for a rent a player is a great deal for the Cougars in my opinion. Now can Thompson cash in on that pick and persuade the 15 year-old to play with his hockey club two years down the line? That is now likely Thompson's greatest fear.
  • My general belief was Wishart would be traded to a team out East, with the value likely higher out there then here in the West. I am not saying Wishart is not a good player, but for a 19 year-old first round NHL pick, he has some discrepancy's in his game that we see often. I find it interesting that the Warriors have essentially traded for two underachieving defenseman in Wishart and Keaton Ellerby this season. Ellerby has just five assists (0+5=5) in 21 games since he was acquired from Kamloops.
  • I feel for former Rockets forward Troy Ofukany. Ofukany was a casualty as the Regina Pats gear up for a run at the league title. The 20 year-old was sent to Red Deer where he will play out his final season in major junior hockey. The Rebels are scrambling to get into the playoffs, meaning Ofukany's farewell tour may have just 29 games left in it.
  • With the trade of Ofukany, does the Kelowna Rockets/Regina Pats trade from December 2006 look a little bit better now? The Rockets have one player remaining from that trade, as do the Pats. So if it's Kirt Hill for Kyle St. Denis, the Rockets came out of that deal looking pretty good. Hill has 17 points this season as a 19 year-old. St. Denis has 23 for a player who is two years younger.

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