Monday, November 19, 2007

Rockets Road Trip in Pictures

The man behind the wheel. Roger Van Dach is the Rockets Director of Transportation. Van Dach always has a joke for me before heading on the bus.

Before you get carried away and think I am taking pictures on the bus of unsuspecting players, this picture of Rockets leading scorer Colin Long is a demonstration of how he gets some shut-eye on the bus. Long positions himself between the seats to get his best sleep.
My favorite rink to visit. The Everett Events Centre is an amazing junior rink, and the atmosphere thanks to the fans is outstanding.
After the game against the Tips, I run into Silvertips forward Clayton Bauer. Bauer is a former Rocket, who helped the team win a league title in 2005.
Our next stop is Saturday night in Portland. Before the game David and I walk around Memorial Coliseum and notice an interesting banner hanging in the concourse. The banner to the left is a young Rockets assistant coach Jeff Finley.
This is the home of the Hawks. Memorial Coliseum was built in 1961, and little has changed in the building. It's a blast from the past when you play in that facility.
Rockets Athletic Therapist Jeff Thorburn sharpens skates before a game in Vancouver Sunday afternoon.

One of the hardest buildings to win in...Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver. The Giants have lost at home only three times this season, make that four after a Rockets 5-3 win.

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