Thursday, April 3, 2014

Things that make me go hmm....

  • While the perception is the Kelowna Rockets and Seattle Thunderbirds have essentially the same rosters in place from last years opening round series, that simply isn't the case. The T-Birds have lost 12 players that participated in that game seven overtime thriller from one year ago. The Rockets by comparison have lost four players from the roster that beat the T-Birds in sudden death. Zach Franko, Dylen McKinlay, Henrik Nyberg and Cody Fowlie are no longer with the team. 
  • I wonder how many meals T-Birds captain Justin Hickman will eat at home with the first two games played over three nights here in Kelowna. You would think the Kelowna resident would go for one visit and get in one home cooked meal? How strange it must be to sleep in a hotel in your own home town. 
  • Did you know the first ever game the Tacoma Rockets/Kelowna Rockets organization ever played was against the Seattle Thunderbirds? It was October 11, 1991. The crowds was in and around 13 thousand. Ownership was licking their chops. The next night the crowd was about 35 hundred.  
  • T-Birds d-man Ethan Bear played for Rockets assistant coach Dan Lambert at the Under 17's for Team West at Christmas.  
  • The Rockets have the last pick in the opening round in May's 2014 WHL bantam draft. After that the team won't have a selection until the fourth round. The Rockets 2nd round pick is Vancouver's in the Marek Tvrdon deal and the third rounder is also the Giants in the Jackson Whistle trade.  
  • Is Mitch Elliott good at basketball? The guy is 6 foot 6. Speaking of Elliott, how much does he rub in the fact he spends his winters down in Kent when his friends are freezing off their mufflers in Prince George?
  • When the T-Birds score, the crowd chants, "Portland sucks". I guess if you played one team 12 times a season you would despise them too.          
  • If you look back to the last 12 playoff games between the Rockets and T-Birds dating back to 2008, of the 12 games, seven have gone into overtime. Five of the seven games last year went into extra time while two of the seven in 2008 went to the extra session.
  • I've been watching the T-Birds video interviews that they post on their website after home games. Does the girl holding the T-Birds mic ever ask a question?
  • Does Jaimen Yakubowski and Sam McKechnie feel like they have hit the lottery after being traded from Lethbridge to Seattle? The Hurricanes season has long ended and the T-Birds are playing in early April.
  • Why isn't Roberts Lipsberg's drafted by an NHL team. Back to back 30 goal seasons. Somebody should roll the dice on this guy.      
  • The role of the goal judge behind the net. Is it really necessary with the use of video? Or does it remain in place out of tradition and the fact it signals the fans to jump in the air when the puck enters the net?
  • Did you know that Thom Beuning - the Seattle Thunderbirds radio broadcaster - was the Rockets radio broadcaster in the final season they played in Tacoma before leaving following the 1994-95 season?
  • A sure sign its spring. The players are wearing shorts to the rink on an off day. I expect the officials to warm up outside as the temperatures advance up the thermometer in the next week.
  • Speaking of the 2008 playoff series with the Rockets and T-Birds, some old audio from that best of seven below this post.

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