Thursday, August 15, 2013

A few random thoughts

Random Thought #1: Looking to get away from the Okanagan heat? The ice officially goes into Prospera Place tomorrow. Call it - Good Friday!

Random Thought #2: I learned PG Cougars radio guy helps paint logos on ice. Disaster if I did same. Using crayons I never stay in the lines.

Random Thought #3: Kelowna Rockets rookie camp features 180 players. Second biggest camp ever. Can Lorne Frey name them all and recognize every face?

Random Thought #4: Best part of rookie camp is meeting prospects. Worst part is seeing fear in their eyes as I throw a mic in their face.

Random Thought #5: I've interviewed many shy 15 year-olds over the years. Best were Madison Bowey and Shane McColgan. Worst? Richard Kelly.

Random Thought #6: Rockets second round pick from this summers bantam draft won't attend. Cal Foote is sidelined with a broken arm.

Random Thought #7: Speaking of McColgan, the former Kelowna Rockets forward underwent surgery to repair broken thumb. Broke it working out.

Random Thought #8: If I'm not mistaken, Prospera Place/Skyreach Place is celebrating 15 seasons of hosting the Kelowna Rockets in 2013/2014.

Random Thought #9: Can you imagine hosting 180 players for rookie camp at the old Memorial Arena?

Random Thought 10: Where is Cirque du Soleil this year? They are usually here in August, forcing the Rockets to hold rookie camp at CNC. Not this year.


g.k said...

Hey Regan great to have some random thoughts from you this early!! My random thought is, or should I say a random question, who do you realistically think the Rockets are going to lose for players this year, the overages for sure but what about Bell,Scissons,Olsen even Goulbourne or Severson?? Some big holes to fill if indeed they don't come back!! Hope you had a great summer. Go Riders Go!!

bigkev said...

Hey Regan, So when does main camp start and who do you think gets the "C" this year.