Friday, August 17, 2012

Mid August Musings

  • I can't believe Kelowna Rockets training camp is visible in my rear view mirror.  Rookie camp opens late next week with close to 160 new faces trying to impress the scouting staff at the Capital News Centre. It will be interesting to see Nick Merkley at camp and watch how he measures up. Merkley was the Rockets first round pick from this summers WHL Bantam Draft and could see a game or two with the big club. The Rockets make two stops in Calgary this season, Merkley's hometown, so the underage 15 year-old may be able to put on that Rockets sweater for a brief period of time. The majority of his year will be spent playing midget hockey.
  • All the talk these days is about the NHL lockout.  Some suggest the entire season could be lost while others believe the two sides will come to an agreement before the September 15th deadline. Right now I am siding with the players, who appear to be bending over in order for the season to start on time. If the NHL season does get delayed it will be no skin off my teeth. Once the WHL season starts, I am in my own bubble where the Rockets are my focal point and my energy goes towards following the team and putting my blinders on to what is happening elsewhere. Sure, I will watch a highlite or two but the reality is I won't sit down and watch an entire NHL game during the week when the Rockets aren't in action. I don't know if it's because I am not much of a fan or my family deserves my attention when I am not calling 72 games a season? I rather invest in my two boys while they want to spend time with their dad, not my favourite NHL team.
  • If we see a delay in the start of the NHL season, this is great news in the Rockets bid to land Zemgus Girgensons.  Girgensons was the Buffalo Sabres first round pick, but he was also selected by the Rockets in the CHL Import Draft.  Girgensons can either play with the Sabres or the teams American Hockey League affiliate. If the NHL doesn't play, Sabre players that have two way contracts will suit up for the AHL team which means Girgensons may have no other choice but to play in the Western Hockey League. How good would he make those around him? Like European forward Timmy Bozon in Kamloops, Girgensons would be an impact player.
  • I thought it was neat this week that Kelowna Rockets head coach Ryan Huska was at the Okanagan Sun's football practice. Huska met with Sun head coach Gavin Lake as the two shared ideas. Hockey and football are distinctly different games but communicating with younger players remains the same. It is nice to see the two organizations have a good working relationship and both can benefit and learn from one other.       
  • I had a chance this week to watch the Prospera Place work crews put the ice in. You really don't appreciate the care and technique that goes into it until you see it first hand. From a concrete floor to a nice white sheet of ice with logo's takes just three days. If you are unsure of how the entire process works, check out the Prospera Place website where video was taken on what it takes to get the job done. Amazing.          
  • An NHL lockout would leave many broadcasters twiddling their thumbs wondering what to do. Many end up staying at their off-season summer homes watching major junior hockey. A type 'A' personality, which most media guys are considered, won't be sitting around and lounging in their homes. They are like crazed, caged animals. They want to be apart of the action. I am glad to know that when the season starts, the puck will officially drop September 21st. I can't imagine a delay in the WHL season. If that happened it would mean more time in the AM 1150 news room. No one, my co-workers included, would want to see that happen. I am sure six months of having me on a regular basis in the office is enough for my colleagues to handle.

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jaz301 said...

If there is an NHL lockout I will be spending my time watching/focusing on the CHL and other leagues (even if NHL comes out of lockout).

We are about two weeks from the start of exhibition games and about 1 month away from puck drop. cant wait. Hopefully this season will be better then the last one.