Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Meet Henrik Nyberg

What did you think when the Kelowna Rockets selected you in the CHL Import Draft?  

"I heard it was a nice city. I talked to Mikael Backlund, who plays for Calgary (Flames) now, and he just told me good things about the city. The big difference here compared to back home is the spectators. In Sweden we only have like 200".

Why is the WHL a good fit for you?

"I played in Sweden in the under 17, which is like a junior league. It was kinda good actually. I think Kelowna is better."  

You are not drafted by an NHL team. Why do you think you were overlooked?

"I think it is a lot of scouts can see you here than they can in Sweden.....maybe one scout at every game. You can show what you can do more here".

What can you bring to this team?

"I think I am a power forward but I am a skilled player too. I like to shoot a lot. I think I can bring some goals to this team", Nyberg said with a chuckle.

And you like to hit?

"Ya, I like it. My old team I was a power forward so I was a guy that hit guys and gave energy to the team".

What's it like to be so far away from home?

"My parents maybe are kinda scared. I think they miss me when I am here but I call them every day so it not a problem for me".

Note: Nyberg's dad is a banker. He has three brothers, two which are older.

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