Saturday, March 10, 2012

Royals inspired; Rockets lethargic

Photo by Marrissa Baecker (Colton Heffley and Austin Carroll square off)
  • The Kelowna Rockets were looking for their 30th win of the season Friday night against the Victoria Royals. Instead they were handed their 30th loss. A three goal third period lifted the Royals to a 3-1 win, snapping the Rockets winning streak at a modest three games. The Royals were full marks for the win. They out-worked the Rockets for the majority of the night and had six grade 'A' chances in the second period alone. It was only goaltender Adam Brown that kept this game from turning into a blow out. Surprisingly, the Rockets carried a 1-0 lead into the third period thanks to Myles Bell's 14th goal of the season.
  • Glaring turnovers were the key in the Royals win. Tyson Baillie and Colton Heffley were guilty of giving up the puck and defenceman Damon Severson was outworked in the neutral zone, resulting in the opening goal of the third period by the Royals.
  • With a late power play and the goaltender pulled for the extra attacker, leading goal scorer Brett Bulmer found himself stapled to the bench. It was a clear message from the coaching staff that they were none to pleased with the effort of their top skater. Of the 27 shots directed towards the net, I can recall Bulmer getting just one shot on goal. Against a team (Victoria) that has allowed the most goals against in the league, it should have been a field day for the Rockets leading scorers. Instead it was a lacklustre effort.
  • When you look at the official score sheet you will notice that two of the Royals three goals were unassisted. That tells you one of two things. Either the referee isn't very generous in handing out assists, or the goals that were scored were the result of glaring turnovers. Obviously you know the answer to that question.
  • This game featured three fights, including a solid tilt between Rockets forward Colton Heffley and Victoria's Austin Carroll. The two traded punches before Carroll left the game for repairs. It was Heffley's 6th fight of the season and Carroll's fifth.
  • The game marked Heffley's 100th of his career.
  • The Royals have allowed one goal or less on the road only twice this season. Take a guess which team that's happened against? Yep, the Royals were a 3-1 winner Friday night and earned a 2-1 win in Kelowna on December 2nd.
  • Rockets rookie Filip Vasko returned to the line up Friday night. The 18 year-old was out 20 games with a lower body injury.


g.k said...

Alright bring on the playoffs!! The Hawks or Ams should be worried!!

Regan Bartel said...

I agree. As bad as the Rockets were last night, I don't head into the playoffs with doom and gloom. I think the best will come out of these guys and this could be very interesting.

Ryan said...

wonder if 3000 will bother showing up tonight after that pathetic mess last night.

jaz301 said...

Only one more week of reg season then playoff time. I really hope the rockets put their not so good season behind them and just think about the playoffs. Anything can happen. So what if a player gets 100 point in the reg season? they might not even get 5 points in the playoffs.Sometimes its the guys that you least expect that step up and come out during the playoffs.

As for attendance they need to get a better system instead of going by paid tickets. Everyone guys by it. I think it should be when you scan a ticket it registers in a system and that is how you get the official attendance. Every game says there is over 6000 people, but I am not sure if their has been officially over 6000 people at one game all season.