Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Things that make me go hmm...

  • No word yet on how well Adam Brown preformed at the LA Kings development camp this week, but the fact that the 19 year-old goaltender was given a chance to show his stuff at the pro level was well deserved. Brown may have established himself this season as an elite goaltender at the WHL level, but his size will leave doubt in the minds of many scouts in the pro ranks. Those doubts may have been extinguished with a solid camp with the Kings.

  • You would think Rockets goaltending coach Kim Dillabaugh played a role in getting Brown a free agent invite to Kings camp. Dillabaugh knows Brown's game inside-out and it doesn't hurt that 'Dilly' is a goaltending coach with the Kings either.

  • Has a goaltender ever been named a captain of a WHL team? The Roberto Luongo experiment didn't go over so well with the Vancouver Canucks, but Brown would be as good a candidate as any to wear the 'C' on his jersey if the organization ever went in that bold direction. It won't happen, but Brown is a tremendous leader with solid communication skills. He isn't the quirky type that most goaltenders exhibit in their personalities as they stand in front of pucks whistling at their head at 100 miles an hour. Not easily rattled, the soon to be 20 year-old will be a tremendous influence in that Rockets dressing room this season regardless of whether he has a letter on his jersey.

  • Ok, enough about Brown. Teammate Geordie Wudrick is getting a final crack at playing pro. A prospects camp with the Buffalo Sabres allowed him one last chance to show that he belongs. If not, Wudrick has already committed to a Canadian university this fall if his pro aspirations fall through.

  • I found it interesting to read that Buffalo Sabres pbp man Rick Jeanerette will be calling 57 of the Sabres 82 games this NHL season. Jeanerette is entering his 40th season at the helm. That my friends is an amazing run with one team.

  • It is a busy couple of weeks for Rockets' related golf tournaments in Kelowna. The Rockets alumni tourney is coming up July 21st followed by the Rockets-Astral-Prospera Place golf tourney on July 28th. Both events are fun to attend. It is great getting together with former players and finding out what they are up too. The most interesting stories are often times the players that have found different career paths outside of hockey. Don't get me wrong, it is still pretty cool to be body checked in the buffet line by Shea Weber or Luke Schenn, but seeing players venturing successfully in different directions in their life is as impressive as the fortunate few that are earning an NHL paycheck.

  • If their are two arena's I am looking forward to traveling to this season it is Victoria and Moose Jaw. Moose Jaw? When has that ever slipped out of my mouth? Never! But now that the new arena is complete in the 'Jaw', the Rockets will have a chance to skate on the new ice in early December. The trek to Victoria for the first time is in early October.

  • The loss of the Chilliwack Bruins to Victoria puts a wrench into our broadcast travel plans this season. Colour Analyst Gord McGarva would often join me for the quick trip to Chilliwack for mid-week and weekend games, but not any more. Now that Victoria is back in the league, my trusty side kick won't be in the booth for games there, nor as many games in Vancouver either. The Rockets schedule often has the team playing on back-to-back night's in Victoria (often Friday and Saturday) and then playing a game against the Giants on the way home. Leaving a day earlier for a game in Victoria to catch a ferry means I will be doing more road games solo this season.


jaz301 said...

Yeah it would be nice to here about how Brown did, but can't find anything about him other then his name on the roster list. Hopefully he made a good impression though. Also lets hope that Wudrick catches the eyes of the sabres staff.

Can't wait for the season tonight. Off season is the longest 3 months in my life.

g.k said...

Hey Regan who do you think might be the captain this year??

Regan Bartel said...

I wouldn't be surprised if they went with a character guy as the official 'leader' of the team. Name a returning player who never quits, plays fearless and manufactures points whether in be power play, penality kill or even strenght? That is your answer.

Ryan said...

you really arent describing anyone other than Callahan who isnt coming back. Chikie?