Saturday, August 28, 2010

Brett Palin shows up at Rockets rookie camp

What do you remember about your first training camp?

"I was pretty happy because I was on a team with Mitch Fritz and Nolan Yonkman, so I was pretty happy about that. It was pretty intimidating."

You've been hanging around Kelowna this summer?

"Ya, it was a good summer. I have been at the rink a lot and training a lot, so summers coming to an end".

You signed with a new team, with the Nashville Predators, so where does that path lead you?

"I leave on the 13th when I go to camp. Same thing as these young guys at Rockets rookie camp, I am going to try to go there and make an impression and see what happens from there."

So if you play with the Predators AHL team in Milwaukee, are you familiar with anyone there?

"Lane Lambert is the coach and he's coached in the American League for the last five years, four as a head and one as an assistant coach there. Before that he coached against us in Prince George. I know quite a few of their players because I've played in that same division over the last couple of years".

You played in Abbotsford last season. What was that like?

"Anytime you get to play hockey close to home its an added bonus. It was a good year for that...I got to see my family more than I ever had, so nothing to complain about there."


bigkev said...

Does Main Camp Start monday morning

g.k said...

Wow great to hear how Brett's doing, wouldn't mind hearing a little more about how our training camps going though!! Sorry I'm a little pissed at the Riders right now!! Go Rockets!!