Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Cup Is Half Full, Not Half Empty

  • While the Kelowna Rockets find themselves down two games to none in their second round playoff series with the Tri City Americans, my cup remains half full, not half empty, as they attempt to fight back in this series. Why? Two reasons. The next two games are on home ice, and the Rockets have yet to reveal their true colours.
  • Until the Rockets unleash all of their weapons and the Americans handle the onslaught, I can't buy into the feeling that the end is near. Granted, the Americans are making life difficult for the Rockets, but so did the Giants, Hitmen and Chiefs. Do I need to remind you who won those games?
  • Tri City head coach Don Nachbaur said it best before game two. "You can talk about all the adjustments you want. It (winning the series) all comes down to heart and soul, it comes down to grit, and it comes down to wanting it". It would be safe to say the Americans are living by those words, something the Rockets now need to buy into.
  • Let me clearly state that Mark Guggenberger is the least of the Rockets worries in this series. Guggenberger has been solid, and in no way is responsible for the teams struggles in the first two games. The majority of the struggles are at the opposite end of the ice.
  • Why the struggles offensively? The Rockets are often chasing the puck, not controlling it. The Rockets are being forced to make quick decisions with the puck, but again that is nothing new from previous games against Vancouver, Spokane and Calgary.
  • Who's the biggest surprise when it comes to the Americans in this series. Without hesitation it's Kruise Reddick. Reddick has been everywhere in this series. He's created offensive chances, has won key face-offs, and has demonstrated impressive speed. Mitch Fadden and Taylor Proceyshen are the straws that stir the Americans drink, but Reddick is the player that has impressed me the most after the opening two games.
  • The Rockets franchise has lost the opening two games of a series and have battled back. Look no further than the 2005 playoffs, when the Rockets lost the first two games of a second round series to the Seattle Thunderbirds. Both losses were by a single goal - same as this series. The Rockets would win game three and four before losing game five. The Rockets would put the T-Birds away with wins in game six and seven.
  • Man, do I ever have respect for Am's captain Taylor Proceyshen, and it has nothing to do with the two game winning goals he's scored in this series. The 20 year-old pulls no punches when speaking of his faith as a christian athlete. "I put my faith first. Everything else comes second. I don't think that changes the way I play. I play as hard as I can, I play physical, and it doesn't mean I am a soft player because I have a faith. All I know is their are bigger things than just hockey". No matter what your faith, if any at all, you have to admire this young player for standing up for what he believes in. No wonder he is the Americans team captain. It's easy to be a follower, but it's extremely tough to stick your neck out and lead.
  • Don Nachbaur is considering one of the best coaches in the WHL, so wouldn't it only make sense for him to look at making a move to the pro level after guiding this team from the bottom of the barrel to the top of the heap among the elite in the Western Conference? "I think anybody that has that competitive desire always wants to move up the ladder. I think I have been patient. I enjoy this age group, and more importantly we've had success here, so if a situation arose I would surely look at it. I think at the end of the day, anyone involved in any sport wants to move up the ladder, and if that situation arises, we will look at it".


wardco said...

regan.....just wanted to comment on how well you are doing as a play by play.

i work on my boat on all away games, both playoff and regular season, and listen to the game loud. your discriptions of the play not only give me a mental vision of the ice , but the intonation in your voice really lets the listener know who is controlling the play. it also provides a level of excitement that you can only get from actually being at the game....
many times you have had me screeming and cheering for the team alone in my shop.

the real compairison was when we were treated to the play by play the other evening of spokane vs vanc.......i know the players i understood who had control of the puck....but the mental vision of the ice was just not there....(and he is considered a major market broadcaster) not trying to take anything away from your coleague was really clear to the listenerwhere the excitment was.

i just wanted to pat you on the back.....we have some big games pitter patter......

corona on the

KBF said...

Well, at least the Rockets got to play a extra week longer than the Blazers did. lol real accomplishment. Must be heartbroken hey Regan? Cause next year it's gonna be rough. Guess karma exists afterall.

Regan Bartel said...

KBF, until the fat lady sings, I have belief in this team. I will admit the fat lady is at the buffet table, but she hasn't even approached the dessert bar yet!

g.k said...

Hey KBF just a reminder in case your "LOOPY" mind has forgotten, a few years ago we lost the first two games at home to the T-Birds & still won the series in six!! Regan you are right on the money the fat lady hasn't sang & I don't think will be hearing from her anytime soon!! Nice comments by Wardco!!