Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Crosbie focused heading into sophomore season

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Kyle Crosbie is no dummy.

The second year forward with the Kelowna Rockes realizes what's in front of him. If he is willing to truly put in the work, the 18 year-old may defy the odds by being selected as an undersized forward in next June's NHL draft. An appearance in the 2020 Kia Memorial Cup this May would only enhance those chances.

Crosbie gained 17 pounds this off season. That's a significant amount of girth for a player who tipped the scales at a feather weight of 150 pounds in his rookie season. The Didsbury, Alberta resident knows that extra bulk on the ice will only help his chances of playing with the puck more often than chasing it.

"I burn calories so fast. That is big for me to put on that much weight. I feel stronger and bigger on the ice. It will be tough to maintain this season as I was taking in between 5 and 6 thousand calories a day."

Last season, Crosbie found the back of the net seven times in 63 games as he made his mark in the WHL with a team that struggled scoring. The Rockets had the third fewest in the league (169), with playoff-less Swift Current (135) and Prince George (152) scoring fewer times. 

"I think we have a lot of talent this year. We have Hamaliuk and Lee. From what I've seen so far, they are great players and Comrie from Denver, he is a solid d-man. Between those guys and the returnees, I think we will have a fast team this year."

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gk said...

Hey Regan what is the status of Lassi Thompson!! Haven't heard if he is in training camp or not?? Would be a great blow to the Rockets to not get him back this season. I'm sure the Senators would want him to play Junior hockey over hear rather than play in his home country. The Rockets have been pretty hush hush about the situation which is not a good thing!!