Thursday, June 13, 2019

Commish says Kelowna will be solid host of 2020 MC

The face of the Western Hockey League says Kelowna will be a tremendous host of the 2020 Memorial Cup.
Commissioner Ron Robison is confident the team will have success both on and off the ice.
"We know the Rockets are going to be a very, very strong host team. Bruce Hamilton and his organization are more than capable of putting together a championship caliber team. With these young players that are getting drafted, that lineup is going to be very strong."
The Rockets could have 6 players chosen in the NHL Draft later this month in Vancouver.     
"We can't wait until next May to be a part of this. It is going to be a tremendous event. A great community celebration. If we have the Western Hockey League and the Rockets in the final, I will be very happy", Robison added.
The WHL champion hasn't won a game at the Memorial Cup in 4 seasons.
That is an ugly record of 0 and 13 over that stretch with the Kelowna Rockets last winning a game at the Memorial Cup as league champions in 2015. 

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